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Big Bad Toy Store: Marvel Legends Vintage Assortment Available for Pre-Order

I love the smell of nostalgia in the morning! Marvel Legends is really starting to pull at the old “member these?” strings with the upcoming Toy Biz homage Vintage Series, and BBTS has them up for pre-order now!

I will likely need two sets (one to open and one to keep on those slick cards), but BBTS has you covered for sets and individual figures.

I really like the idea of this type of assortment getting us more classic and iconic versions of characters that might get the modern treatment in the standard Marvel Legends line, so I REALLY hope it continues with multiple assortments.

But that is me getting ahead of myself, let’s focus on what we know is coming. This first set includes:

  • Spider-Man
  • Ironman
  • Captain America
  • Black Widow
  • Wolverine
  • Punisher

Don’t delay, get your order locked in so you will be guaranteed your figures.

Get them here from Big Bad Toy Store:


Pre-Order the INDIVIDUAL FIGURES (hurry, some are going FAST)

14 thoughts on “Big Bad Toy Store: Marvel Legends Vintage Assortment Available for Pre-Order

  1. Should have gone and done full homages like they almost did with Wolverine (he just needs a sword)– Spidey should have a fake web accessory and removable suction cups for his hands. Iron Man should have a removable helmet. Punisher should have a tommygun, M-16 and a pistol. They could have repurposed a 3 3/4 shield laucher for Cap.

  2. To me this head screams comic Widow way more than MJ, but I suppose that reaction is inescapable given that MJ was released first.

  3. 20 bucks for a blister card with cheaper packaging and no BAF as compared to their legends counterparts? It’s a tough sell, but people will buy I believe as these are popular characters.

    They should really emphasize bright colors and extra accessories, such as Ice Powers/Base for Iceman, Spider Webs and a Spider Bazooka for Spider-man….something in the same vein of the old action features given to the 90’s Toy Biz audience.

    These are okay, but more thought and effort NEEDS to go into future editions to justify the 20 bucks.

  4. OH yeah.. Didn’t notice that… I was only interested in Hela and Loki in that wave so it flew over my head! I still got the ToyBiz Sentry so I never got the Hasbro one…

  5. So the motorcycle Black Widow is including two new heads but this version is reusing Mary Jane’s head? I can’t see this version as anything other than MJ cosplaying as Widow. At least with this version we will have a more classic body for the second head in the Riders set.

  6. Yep, so does Sentry. He’s working a job as Odinson in that Raganarok wave… lol

  7. the package looks like when toybiz released the figures for the first time they had the marvel toy license before they then gave the x-men their shot at toy loving . may pick up some of these

  8. Yeah, these will look great when displayed on a wall. Shame about the lack of collector friendly packaging.

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