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Hasbro: Fortnite Victory Royale Series Punk Review

It’s been a while! The news on the Fortnite line at Hasbro has been dead quiet, but Punk has been popping up and swiftly disappearing on Amazon pre-orders, so I was surprised to see the latest wave up on Pulse last week and had to at least snatch up this great Halloween themed character. Let’s take a look!

As far as windowless packaging goes, I like this one quite a bit because I’ve enjoyed the art style they use here and the larger canvas is used to good effect.

Punk comes with two bats, a pack, and a rifle. The bats are a little misshapen and slightly rubbery and can fit into the pack. The black one has some twigs hanging off and one has a not entirely convincing flame. They fit securely in the hands.

The pack sticks on pretty well via peg and has loops to place the bats and a nice big pumpkin graphic. It’s nice that you can store both weapons on the pack and he can hold all his stuff.

The rifle is one we’ve seen before that has some nice hard surface detail, but the thin barrel is a little rubbery and can bend.

The sculpting is a good match for the skin in the game. One of the odd aspects of the design is he wears a long shirt and has some baggy crotch pants. They convey the bagginess by making the crotch of the figure lower and the legs shorter, so he can look a little awkwardly long in the torso, but I think it works if you know what it’s supposed to be. One thing I like is there a bit of texture added to his sweatshirt that sells it as a different material than the pants

Articulation is pretty good, though the ball joints aren’t as nice as I’d like and I think there are butterfly joints in there that don’t move at all. Punk has:

  • Ball and socket head, mid-torso, and waist
  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, wrists, hips, and ankles
  • Double hinged knees and elbows and knees
  • Swivel thighs, biceps, and socks

The ball joint in the head is just a single and I wish there was at least a dumbell joint with a ball in the body and the head for more movement. The mid-torso and waist get a decent amount of tilt and backward movement, but not much crunch. The plastic on this figure feels a bit more solid than recent Fortnite figures, so I feel like he stands a bit better than a lot of the line.

The paint is pretty nice with some clean triangle logos and nice polka-dot socks. The figure is mostly cast in the right color, however there is a slight coverage problem with the sweatshirt center strip. It’s supposed to be white on the upper orange half and orange on the lower half, but the white doesn’t quite get full coverage and neither does the painted orange over the black. The stripe is partially orange plastic and finished in orange paint that doesn’t quite match.

Overall, Punk is a striking looking figure in a fun theme that moves well. He’s got a weird kind of modern punk headless horseman vibe I’m enjoying and fits into the wilder end of the Fortnite character range, but I could also see him fitting in well fighting a variety of super-hero characters.

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