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FwooshCast Live: Our Picks for the 2023 Marvel Legends Top Ten

Hey! In case you missed it this past weekend, Robo and I had our normal Sunday afternoon livestream, but this time, we talked about our selection for the new ML Top Ten.

I will admit, it seems like I have been picking (basically) the same list for a very long time now, but damn it, these are character who need to be made into Marvel Legends. We do hit you with some surprises, and also get into the typical general nonsense, so check it out, I think it’s a pretty fun listen. Oh, and while you are at it, you can cast your votes for the Top Ten, but don’t delay, the poll will be closing soon. Well, soon-ish. Just go vote, it’s pretty simple.

Oh, and if you don’t mind some spoilers, here is a quick look.

Robo’s picks:

Veebs’ picks:

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