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Hasbro: Fortnite Victory Royale Series Potassius Peels

I managed to sneak in an Amazon pre-order for this guy after seeing a link from Preternia, but then it got delayed with an unknown shipping date so I was pretty surprised to get the shipping email yesterday and the figure so quickly today. Let’s take a look at Potassius Peels!

This is the first plastic-free packaging wave for the Hasbro Fortnite line and they probably have the least amount of adjusting to do since there was only a tiny little window on the front of the box before. For selfish reasons, I’m glad that window is gone because it was a pain to photograph with my standard light setup. The art wraps around the side a little less because it has more real estate on the front and I kind of like that. It is still really funny to me every time I get one of these figures in the tissue paper bag. I think of Pete from the first episode of Twin Peaks when I see them. She’s dead, wrapped in plastic.

Potassius Peels (I always want to call him Peelius Potassius for some reason) comes with a cape, a sword and a shotgun.

The sword is the Gladius harvesting tool that he had in the game and the shiny silver on the chipped blade contrasts nicely with the red and gold on the grip.

The cape pegs into his back securely with a long peg that holds it on better than most packs in the line. There is a bit of gold trim on the cape that sets the thing off well, however I think it could stand to be a shade darker red.

The shotgun is a more ornate version of the double barrel shotgun that fits well in the hand and the extra details are picked out with some shining gold paint. The gold is a little sloppy around the barrels and the barrels themselves are not very deep so it really could have used some black paint in those circles.

The sculpting detail on Potassius is nice and sharp and they capture the feel of the skin very well. He has some pretty prominent shoulder pads, but they are attached to the body on hinges, so they move up and out of the way when lifting the arms. The skirt is also two separate pieces (red inner skirt and brown outer skirt) and the red piece is cut in enough spots to allow for good leg movement.

Potassius has the following articulation:

  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and ankles
  • Hinged mid-torso
  • Ball and socket waist
  • Swivel thighs and boots
  • Double hinged knees

The figure moves well for a Peely, but the design of the armor makes the ab crunch pretty useless. Fortunately the waist has great range. The ankles hinge back well, but there is a notch that prevents them from hinging forward which makes some crouches awkward. I also wish the neck moved a little bit even though that doesn’t really make sense for the character design, it was just driving me nuts that I couldn’t turn his head towards what he was aiming at.

Paint is decent with some shiny gold trim on the armor and weapons. They did use some gold plastic for the chest lion and the laurel crown which I don’t always like, but it works well here. The main spot I felt was missing paint were some rivets on the skirt and the clasps on sides of the chest armor.

Potassius is about six and 1/4 inches tall which makes him a bit on the short side compared to the Jazwares Peely figures and the rest of the Hasbro Fortnite line. I think of Peely as looking eye to eye with the standard human, but taller than them due to the height of his banana head. I honestly don’t know for sure what is correct and my google-fu failed me on this one.

Overall I like this figure quite a bit and feel like he’s a great addition to my Peely collection. I’m not 100% sure about how he fits in with the rest of the Hasbro Fortnite collection in general because of the scale, but he’s a great looking figure and pretty fun on his own. He’s got such a smug little judgemental look, I do wish he came with a “thumbs down” hand accessory for extra imperiousness.

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