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Boss Fight Studio: Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Knight of Asperity and Sigurd the Traveler

The Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. 4 inch scaled line of fantasy figures already has a deep roster or knights, elves, mages, and orcs and today we’re going to take a look at some of the latest, Sigurd the Traveler and a Knight of Asperity.

I’ve become a fan of the H.A.C.K.S. collector-friendly packaging style. I like how the card has typical toy card dimensions, just flipped on it’s side and the wonderful art by James Griffiths gets a nice chunk of real estate up front and on the back. For these two especially, I really enjoyed the world building in the bios on the back by Paddy Lennon. For a new toy line without comics or a show of some kind it helps fire up the imagination.

These figures come with a bunch of cool accessories. They both have the same figure stand and Sigurd has an alternate head, alternate open hands, two helmets, a sword, a loop for the sword, a shield, twin axes, a larger battle axe, a longer staff, a spiked mace head, and a connector piece. The Knight of Asperity comes with an alternate skull head, an alternate helmet, a sword, a sheathe, a halberd with two different heads, and two open hands.

The stand is solid with a prominent 3D logo and two sturdy pegs that work well with both figures. They stand well, but these are always nice to have.

The open hands are a great option that lends to a lot of different poses. They are pretty tough to swap, but stay on tight when you do.

The shields also have a lot of great detail with the wooden texture and battle scars on Sigurd’s and the rivets and hammered texture on the inside of the Knight’s shield. The figures can hold the shield by the handle and there are two rings inside the shield and two little hooks. I’m thinking you can attach a string or other material to the rings for a strap if you want. I’ve got the swords on the clips in the pics above, but now I’m thinking they are there to attach to the pole weapons.

The Knight’s halberd has a connector piece that allows you to swap two different heads to the weapon. I’m really impressed with the detail on the more axe-like head. These pop on and off of pegs easily, but stay attached well. The staff portion is the same as the one that comes with Sigurd, though the connection piece is a little different.

With Sigurd’s you can attach one of the heads from the Knight, the spiked mace head, or even attach his battle axe and sword to the staff.

The Knight of Asperity’s sword is huge and it fits securely in the sheath which can be attached to the back of the armor. It’s got a solid, classic look and the silver paint on the blade is nice and shiny.

Sugurd’s sword can be stored in the loop that attaches to the peg hole in his back. I like that it’s close enough to the straps, so it doesn’t look like the thing is just physically attached to his back, rather his armor straps.

The axe has a great classic feel with some nice detail in the ornate carvings on the sides. It has a connector peg on the pommel, like the sword, so it can be attached to things like the spiked mace or the sword when using the connector piece.

I love the two smaller axes as they feel like perfect reaver weapons and I’m a fan of dual wielding weapons.

Sigurd’s alternate head has a bushy beard and flowing locks. It’s a great Viking alternative to the other one and the hair comes off, so he can wear the alternate helmets too.

The Barbarian Army Builder potential is off the charts with this one. The Knight also has an extremely cool alternate head. It’s kind of a two for one, because the skull can wear the helmet or you can leave it off. Every time I see a helmet with wings like this, I think of Warduke and I smile. It’s a great evil knight look.

The sculpting on these guys is really top notch with great heroic proportions and super sharp detail on every costume aspect.

I especially like how all the body armor on Sigurd is removeable for easy customization, but also has a tight, realistic fit that isn’t overly bulky. The articulation is good with:

  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and ankles
  • Double hinged knees
  • Swivel waist and thighs
  • Ball and socket mid-torso and head

The ball and sockets get great range and wonderful tilt. The only articulation choice I don’t love is that Sigurd’s ankles swivel where they attach to the boot, rather than the foot, so it doesn’t have rocker functionality.

Paint is also very nice with the metallics being a particular highlight for me on the Knight and Sigurd’s armor pieces. I like that Sigurd also gets some nice detail in his belt.

Overall these are a couple of really well done fantasy figures. If you read this site, you know that this scale is not my favorite, but damn it if Boss Fight isn’t making a convert of me and I’ve been looking back at their website for any in-stock Vitruvians.

Thanks again to Boss Fight for sending these along and they are still up for pre-order on BBTS.

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