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Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series Pulsecon Exclusive Trapper Wolf Review

Exclusives have become a ubiquitous part of collecting over the years but this Pulsecon exclusive took me back to one of my first experiences with hard to obtain figures, specifically the Star Wars Celebration II Jorg Sacul figure. Jorg Sacul was a George Lucas in X-Wing pilot figure that I desperately wanted for some reason, but I was in no position to obtain. I eventually got one, but I remember being inordinately upset about the prospect of not getting it at the time. I think I had a bit more of a completist collector attitude back then. Now modern Star Wars creator Dave Filoni gets a X-Wing pilot figure due to his cameo in The Mandalorian. This figure was way easier to pick up than Jorg, so I suppose that’s progress in a way. Let’s take a look at Trapper Wolf!

Trapper comes in that slightly fancier Black Series packaging with a slide-out interior, but it also features that orange-tinged black and white character portrait on the side, so you can include him with your row of Black Series boxes from The Mandalorian if that’s how you collect these things.

The figure comes with a helmet and a blaster rifle. The rifle looks like the A280C that came with the Hoth Trooper and matches what he uses in his second appearance blasting Ice Spiders off the Razorcrest. It is cast in a dark gray plastic and has good detail, but could use some paint for weathering and bringing out that detail.

The helmet has some very nice decals and designs, but also feels super clean for a helmet in Star Wars. It fits on Trapper securely, though it doesn’t sit as well as say X-Wing Luke’s. It’s a little askew in these pics, but you can get it on straighter than I had it here. He’s a little light on accessories, and while he has the essentials, a little ice spider pack-in would have been cool.

The body is X-Wing pilot Luke from that first wave of Black Series figures and the sculpting still holds up, though I wish they would do a different pilot body to switch things up a bit. The Filoni likeness is pretty good and the faceprinting works well with the sculpting, though the head is a bit on the glossy side. Paint is minimal and the orange of the suit a little brighter than previous figures using this body, but the detail hits on the flight box are clean.

Articulation, in case you’ve somehow missed the various re-releases of this body, is the old standard with double-hinged knees and a hinged neck. I do miss the more modern, double barbell neck tilting action and butterfly hinged pecs, but do not miss the swivel/hinge knees of the current figures. Trapper Wolf has:

  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and ankles
  • Ball and socket head and mid-torso
  • Swivel thighs and boots
  • Double hinged knees

Overall this is a nice addition to the Mando shelf if not terribly exciting. I do enjoy Dave Filoni’s work and the way he talks about Star Wars in interviews, so that does make this mostly re-used figure with a new head slightly more cool in my book than it would otherwise be. I’d actually like a figure of Carson Teva, his wingmate from that particular episode since he gets more to do in the show, but I think it is time for a new pilot body. Trapper Wolf is still available for pre-oder on Hasbropulse.