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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Ursa Major Wave Modular Iron Man Review

Iron Man’s Modular Armor is one of those bookmark armors that comes around and makes a statement, last a while and cements itself in the procession of armors. It’s one where years can pass and you still remember it.

It’s also memorable for being the one he wore in his cartoon. And I guess some video game.

I think I have the first issue he wore this armor, but I’m not completely sure. Regardless, it’s a very cool armor that does a thing a few of the armors have done before and since, which is get rid of the mouth slit. For some reason that simple omission makes him seem about 43.7 percent creepier. Maybe because it makes him more robotic. He has no mouth and yet he must scream or something. I don’t know.

The figure itself continues a steady stream of pretty damn excellent Iron Man action figures. I’m completely in love with the 80th Anniversary classic Iron Man mold that has been used for both a red and gold and a red and yellow version, although one with a yellow unibeam is no doubt going to be a thing at some point. The Silver Centurion Iron Man was also excellent despite some details not being pitch perfect, and now this one comes along and continues that streak.

I love the red and gold used on this figure. I tend to be split right down the middle in knowing that he’s supposed to be red and gold, but the comic coloring makes him seem red and yellow, so both feel right to me. I don’t have a preference either way, it just depends on what mood I’m in at the time. That being said, I would absolutely buy this figure if it were offered again in red and yellow, like the AI Iron man that was recently released. But as is, with the cherry red and the gold, it’s a beautiful figure with just the right sheen.

The articulation is fantastic as well. These hips are nuts. He can get a far better split than any Spider-man figure that I own, which really makes you shake your head when you think about it, while also nodding in appreciation. There’s a lot of head motion going on when taking it all in, is what I’m saying.

Everything else about him works well. The double knees and elbows have a very nice range, although the gauntlets do impede some of his elbow bend. The head has a separate joint at the base of the neck, which affords him a little bit of tilt and rotation, but not a lot. He can look up and down very well, although the disc hinge is extremely tight. I haven’t decided if he needs a little oil or if I just need to work it up and down a few dozen times to loosen it up.

His torso has a lot of back and forth, which helps him get into those ground pound/superhero landing poses. He comes with a set of fists and a set of open repulsor hands. The repulsor hands do something that I wish the 80th Anniversary hands did, which is articulate instead of being stuck in repulsor mode, but the good thing is they will plug into the 80th anniversary Iron Man’s hands to replace the static ones. Not pictured because I didn’t think about testing it out until right now, but they work.

Additionally, he comes with a set of those repulsor blasts we’ve come to know very well. They’re partially translucent so his them with some light for laserburst effect.

Overall this is just a fantastic Iron Man and hopefully this continues a trend of Iron Man armors done to such high quality. Right now I think my most wanted might be the Heroes Return armor, and if it were made to this standard it would kick mucho ass.