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Hasbro: Marvel Legends Xemnu Wave God Emperor Big Kahuna Lord High Mucky Muck Doom McMetaltits Review

When Doom becomes a God, Doom changes Doom’s clothes, opting for the purity of white in place of his usual green color. Why does Doom do this? Only Doom knows!

When the recent brand new Dr. Doom body debuted, we knew we’d be seeing some variations using the newly sculpted parts, one of which being this God Emperor version, when Dr. Doom rebuilt the universe with himself at the top of the food chain, because that’s pretty much what he’s always wanted. Of course it didn’t last, but such is the life of Doom: short lived victories followed by long-term sulking. That’s why Doom is the most Shakespearean of bad guys.

The most peculiar thing about this figure is that he pretty much does exactly right what I was previously bitching about being done so wrong on the Hood figure. The Hood here is a separate piece from his cape, allowing him to move his head all around without the entire shell impeding his motion. It’s the same setup used on the regular Doom figure and it worked very well there as well.

Doom with white accents in place of green is a very snazzy look. This is a slight variation on his Future Foundation look, which itself was literally his regular costume in white. This gets rid of the fabric on his torso for a purely metal armored look. There’s something very basic and primal about it. It’s like he’s almost robotic in a way, signaling how far away from humanity he’s moved or something.

Despite the lack of fondness I have for plastic capes nowadays, I do have to admit this one works very well for what it is. The wider collar area and the hood itself kind of keep it secured in place more so than other capes. That little peg they keep putting on the capes never does that great a job in keeping the cape where it should be anyway, but this one does. I would still trade it for a fabric cape in a second, but it’s not bad.

The articulation is much the same as the regular doom except for his torso, which is a solid chunk down to a ball-jointed waist. It’s similar to Lady Deathstrike’s articulation which Doom shares a wave with. I’m not sure why they didn’t articulate his torso since it appears to be a brand new sculpt outside of thinking that there wouldn’t be much extra motion to be gained in doing so. It doesn’t seem to impede much of what I want to do with him, so maybe they were right.

The slits on the Doomskirt allow him to get a decent amount of articulation under there. Doom comes with a set of expressive hands, a fist for his left hand, a trigger hand for his right hand and a grabbing hand for his right. The grabbing hand allows him to hold the skull and spine of Thanos. In the comic the figure comes with, Doom yanked the spine and skull of a version of Thanos out of the Titan’s body. Because sometimes Doom is just sick of people’s shit.

I like the skull and spine. The chin is rippled and the mouth opens and closes. Alas, poor Thanos and so forth.

Doom comes with his Luger which fits in a holster on his skirt, because despite the fact that at this point in his life he was omnipotent, he still liked his ceremonial touches. Either that or they weren’t about to sculpt a brand new holsterless skirt.

Overall this remains an excellent Doom figure, and it works well with the added touches for the brief time that Doom was all powerful. Richards!!