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Boss Fight Studio: Hero H.A.C.K.S. Movie Flash Gordon and Lunchbox Review

Boss Fight Studio mostly makes smaller scale figures and I tend to not buy smaller scale stuff, rather admire it from all the cool pictures I see here and on Instagram. You can’t buy everything that tickles your fancy in this hobby, no matter how cool it looks. That said, when I saw their Movie Flash Gordon figures, I couldn’t stay away any longer and had to get one. Let’s take a look!

The packaging on this one is really something special. You pay extra for it, but it feels totally worth it to me to own this beautiful piece. The whole thing takes me back to my childhood lunchboxes, the only thing really missing is a matching Thermos. The front and sides features some brilliant character artwork and the back has some key artwork from the movie. I had a poster that featured this artwork on the walls of my childhood bedroom, so my nostalgia is fully activated here in a great way.

The figure comes securely packed in plastic inside the lunch box and features a stand, extra hands (2 grip, 2 fist and one football holding), three heads, and one of the funky green jeweled “footballs” from the film.

The heads have three subtly different portraits that were a little tough for me to see at first (I may need to get my eyes checked) but when photographing became more clearly different. One has a great smile, another has a determined look with a bit of a smirk, and finally there’s a more stern portrait that looks like he’s in the middle of punching somebody. I can see the Sam Jones likeness in all three.

The hands swap with a bit of effort and stay tightly attached. The football holding hand has a peg that attaches to the football and works great. I did find myself wishing that there was a right football hand since Flash throws with his right hand.

The football has the requisite detail, some sharp paint, and fits securely on the peg on the hand.

I really like the sculpting on this guy and the proportions feel suitably heroic, but not ridiculously over-muscled. They packed a lot of detail into a a figure that could potentially be dull since he’s just a guy in a T-shirt and slacks, but the small detail is so crisp, especially in his tiny little tennis shoes, that I’m really digging this figure. I’ve never noticed those shoes before, but man I want a pair to wear myself now.

The articulation feels on par with most super-articulated figure lines with swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and ankles, double hinged knees, and ball and socket mid-torso and head.

I’m really impressed with the tilt range of motion in the mid-torso and head ball joints. The forward ankle movement is somewhat limited due to the shape of the cuff of the pants and the elbows get a 90 degree bend.

The paint is pretty minimal and mostly really sharp. I think the eyes are a little off here and there when I magnify them through the camera lens, but in hand I don’t notice it.

Overall, I love this figure a whole hell of a lot. Putting together these pics was just a nostalgic blast from the past and I could almost hear Football Fight from Queen’s amazing Soundtrack as I played with this figure. After a minute or two I had to throw the soundtrack on. The lunch box is a really nice piece and I hope to be able to use it to store my future Flash Gordon collection from Boss Fight. Or maybe take my lunch to work if I ever go back into the office. I know Prince Barin has been announced, but I have a mighty need for a Vultan and Ming. Crossing my fingers for those!