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Jazwares: Fortnite Legendary Series The Brat Review

Ok Ramones fans, grab your baseball bats because there’s finally a Brat that you can beat up.

Oh yeah, uh huh.

I say it pretty much every time I review one of these Fortnite figures, but I genuinely love these Fortnite figures. Gen-yoo-wine-lee. From sentient fruit to burgers with oversized tongues to humanoid dogs to the pinnacle of action figure achievements, which is a hot dog with legs, I never know what I’m going to be getting.

Not having to be bound to anything thematically other than “stuff that looks wacky or cool or whatever” means that every figure in the Fortnite line is free. Unencumbered. Weightless.

It’s a fully articulated hot dog figure, guys and gals. He’s got a little hat, he’s wearing a pair of sunglasses…and…

his bun…

is his


I don’t even know, man.

His arms are links, he’s got a necklace of wieners, he’s got mustard on his chest and he’s wearing a watch. It’s always Bun O’clock.

*points vaguely into the audience and waits for laughter that never comes*

I kind of feel like you don’t really review a figure of a humanoid hot dog, you just kind of prop him up in front of people and just say “hey, like…he’s, ummm…right here.” And then everyone nods their head in agreement. And they nod along in time to David Mccallum’s “The Edge,” because this is the edgiest wiener I’ve seen outside of that time I saw two octagons copulating. Stop in the name of love indeed.

It’s been a long week…

Being a dude with a Hot dog for a body, there are some concessions, if you can stand them. Booyah. You don’t get any torso articulation, and you don’t get any head articulation. This figure is a solid tube from waist to scalp. And despite being an articulation junkie that would have been ok with some motion, I am actually okay with that, because it preserves the overall illusion that this is indeed someone’s picnic that got up and got gone.

He does have most of the rest of the articulation that comes standard on these figures, with the shoulders, double jointed elbows and knees, hips, calf rotation, ankles and even to joints. I have to mention every time that I hate the hand articulation, but these felt a little tighter than some have felt. Might be case by case.

His elbows are interesting in that there doesn’t seem to be an elbow, meaning his arms features the exact same articulation forward and backward. Which is odd and strange and looks a little painful. I guess hot dog men are double jointed? Who knows.

The hips are extremely tight, but they do move to the side with a noticeable clicking. They don’t get a lot of forward motion by comparison. There’s not enough wiggle room there, so he won’t be putting his legs very far forward at all.

His bun jacket has some flexibility to it, and it even features a grill design on the back. That’s a nice touch.

For accessories, he comes with a hat, crossbow, grappling gun, shotgun, cocktail wiener melee weapon, cooler backbling (cooler like item, not like “this is cooler than that”)

The Brat comes with two swappable faceplates. One happy, one surprised/serious/concerned. Both feature sunglasses permanently attached.

Article wrap up time, brace yourself.

I’ll be frank; if you’re the type of person buying an action figure of a hot dog, then you’ll relish the opportunity to get this one. Fortnite figures pop up randomly, so it might be hard to ketchup and get them all, but it’s extra rewarding when you click the right links and that Add to Cart button pops up. This figure definitely cuts the mustard. Missing out on him would be the wurst.

The wurst.