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Fwoosh First Look: NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Metalhead

NECA was kind enough to send along samples from their latest wave of Cartoon based Ninja Turtle figures, so we’ll be featuring these figures all week. These should be hitting Targets soon, so let’s take a look at Metalhead!

I love the design on this over-sized window box for this new deluxe Ninja Turtle line. The illustration of the front matched the style of the old F.H.E Ninja Turtle compilation VHS boxes so well that I initially thought that this was a reproduction of an existing box, but it’s all new artwork. The front flap opens to show off the figure and accessories well in a big window and the inside flap features a beautiful picture of Metalhead in the Technodrome. I do love to see that Technodrome backdrop.

Metal head comes with several episode specific attachments including the drill and blaster from The Making of Metalhead and the vacuum from Big Bug Blunder. He also has extra grip hands and fists that can be swapped with open hands.

The chest flaps have nicely concealed hinges so you can open and attach the chest blaster. It stays in there well when you attach it and matches the episode artwork well.

The drill hand swaps easily with the articulated hands and stays on securely on either arm.

The vacuum hand can also attach to either arm and has a little hinged head so you can adjust the position.

Sculpting is fantastic on this guy and they captured the overall feel of the ’87 series version Metalhead well. I rewatched his episodes in anticipation of getting the figure and I was struck by how inconsistent Metalhead’s scale and shape was across the different scenes so I think NECA did well capturing the Metalhead I remember.

Metalhead has the following articulation:

  • Ball and socket head
  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, upper knee, and ankles
  • Swivel waist and biceps
  • Hinged lower knee, switch, and jaw

He moves well for such a bulky figure, though the front shell does block a forward hip movement. I really like how the belt hides the waist swivel pretty well and gives you some more range of motion. The shell shouldn’t split like that, but it makes him a bit more dynamic than he otherwise would have been and I like that. I also enjoy the jaw articulation as it adds an extra bit of expressiveness to the figure and the switch is one of those things I definitely did not need them to do, but makes the figure feel more complete and special somehow.

Paint is a highlight on this figure as there is great color separation on all of the parts with super clean lines and those heavy black illustration lines we’ve come to expect with this line. I really like the solid matte finish on all the paint an plastic too.

Overall I really like this radical robot. He’s a solid chunk of a toy and makes for a formidable foe (maid/nurse) for the Turtles. I can’t see what they decide to do next in the deluxe line!

Special thanks to everybody at NECA for sending these figures along. Make sure to check back all week for looks at the upcoming cartoon turtle two-packs!