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eBay Frenzy 05/03/20: Custom Marvel Legends, G.I. Joe, TMNT, and Star Wars

It’s Sunday! Time to take a quick cruise through what customs are up for sale on eBay!

I’m back to customizing a bit with the hype of G.I. Joe but I’m nervous to do any of the main characters, but this Zartan is clever.

I’m not sure if this Last Turtle Standing Raph is based on a comic or just imagined but I’m in love with the design.

I’ve been toying with the idea of replacing the Legends Dr. Doom’s cape with cloth and I’m liking the look of this one (with three options of green, black/green, and damaged) but more than that the presentation is superb. Those pics are awesome.

I’m fairly sure Old Man Time Jumper Forge appeared in the comics, but if not, he should. It just makes sense. At first I thought it was just the Legends Forge with some gray streaks and a ton of accessories but the figure itself does have some nice swaps and add-ons.

Sometimes it’s “just some” paint, but the design and drybrushing on this Punisher Mandalorian is beautifully done. Seems simple but it’s easy to overdo something like this. This is just right.

Believe me, I know we’ve got Snake Eyes in the Classified series, but I dig the comic book feel of this one, not to mention the way everything lays. And that Arashikage symbol looks almost 3D.

I’m always fascinated when a customizer takes a character and whips up a new costume design, like for Sunfire here. It’s a nice homage to the original while bringing it a bit real world. Plus it’s always a plus to use fodder from outside the line, like Power Rangers. Check out the Longshot too, it’s almost what I’d expect from an MCU costume.

And finally, LooseCollector does it again with a breathtaking Tigra. Nothing I can say does it justice, I’ll just let the pic speak for itself.