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Fwoosh First Look: NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Target Two-Packs

NECA sent along wave two of their Target Exclusive Ninja Turtle Two-Packs, so let’s take a look at the cartoon turtle goodness!

The four upcoming two-packs include:

  • Bebop and Rocksteady
  • Two Foot Soldiers
  • Leonardo and Donatello
  • Raphael and Michelangelo

Raphael and Michelangelo come in cross-sell colors and the set includes a good amount of accessories including extra hands, a pizza box, two communicators, a nunchaku twirl effect and some fun paper cut-outs

I really like the little comics and the free Pizza flyer. Those are some deep cuts. The figures themselves are repaints of the previous Turtles in a very vibrant green.

I don’t think I realized how different the green was from the original releases until I compared the two. It’s quite striking and I’m not sure which I prefer. I guess it’s good I have both.

Leo and Donny also come with a ton of good stuff.

The accessories include extra hands, two communicators, a pizza, a slime canister, paper standee of Bebop, a ransom note, and Turtle Blimp plans. I especially like the Turtle Blimp plans.

I think it’s funny that they packed the two best turtles together. Convenient.

The two-pack of Foot Soldiers is ideal for army builders. They come with extra hands and three blasters.

These figures appear to be the same as the Foot Soldiers that came in the previous two-packs and the SDCC set, just packaged conveniently for army building.

Finally, the highlight of these sets has to be Bebop and Rocksteady. The box is just a little bit larger than the rest of the sets to accommodate these bulky figures.

The figures come with two rifles, two pistols, a communicator, and two extra sets of hands for each figure.

The figures move great with articulation similar to the Turtles including:

  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, wrists, hips, and ankles
  • Double hinged elbows and knees
  • Swivel bicep and boots
  • Ball and socket torso and neck
  • Jaw hinge

The paint has the similar style as previous releases with bold, bright colors highlighted with black detail lines.

I also like how they are scaled, with a lot of bulk, but they aren’t crazy tall.

Overall these are lovely sets. and should be available soon.