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Hasbro: Overwatch Ultimates Sombra and Blackwatch Reyes (Reaper)

We’re winding down our look at the first assortment of Overwatch Ultimates with a look at the last two regular sized figures, Blackwatch Reyes and Sombra. Sombra has a cybertech hacker vibe and Blackwatch Reyes is an alternate look for the wraith like Reaper. Let’s take a look.

Reyes (Blackwatch is an organization he ran) and Sombra come in a nice bright white box adorned with colorful character illustrations. The packaging is very similar in form to the Star Wars Black Series or Marvel Legends packaging, but it’s very appealing and graphically stands out nicely on the shelf and makes me wonder if a packaging refresh is in order for Legends and Black Series.

Sombra comes with two extra hands, a translucent pink ability effect piece, and a machine gun pistol.

The pink effect piece is meant to represent Sombra’s hacking ability. She can call up a holographic keyboard and “hack” the other character’s abilities in game.

The extra hands seem very similar to the other hands on the figure, but the finger poses are slightly different in order to fit into holes on the pink effect piece so it kind of looks like she’s typing on this holographic keyboard.

It’s an interesting accessory to be sure and I think it’s quite a clever design if a little fiddly to secure on the figure’s hand

The machine pistol has nice detail and figures securely in the figure’s hand.

Reyes comes with an alternate fist and open hand, two massive shotguns and two blast effects. The alternate hands swap out easily enough, though they swivel a bit loose once in.

The guns have a good amount of sharp detail and they fit well in the included gun hands.

Those hands do hinge in/out and I think for gun using purposes an up/down hinge would have been nice.

The blast effects have thin pegs that fit into the barrels on the shotguns and stay on fairly securely. They pop off if the figure takes a shelf dive, but the pegs are soft enough that they don’t snap.

Both figures have very detailed costumes and I’m very impressed by all the subtle scars on Reyes’ face and the detials in Sombra’s elaborate haircut.

The proportions fit the anime aesthetic of the character designs perfectly and match the source material well.

Reyes has a bit of weird design and feels like a mix of Iron Man and a longshoreman. It’s like casual Friday version of Reaper and struck me as an odd choice, especially since all Reaper merch so far has been his common game appearance. From what I can tell, this is Reaper before he went all ghosty.

Both figure have good articulation. Reyes has:

  • Swivel/hinge neck, shoulders, wrists, hips, and ankles
  • Swivel thighs and biceps
  • Double hinged knees and elbows
  • Butterfly hinged chest
  • Hinged lower torso
  • Ball and socket upper torso

The double knees and elbows get more than a 90 degree bend, which is nice on such a bulky figure. The lower torso hinge gets decent backward movement, but doesn’t get a lot of forward movement and the upper torso ball and socket does get a nice tilt.

One issue with Reyes’ articulation is that his ankles don’t want to swivel tilt at all, so that can lead to some posing difficulty. The wrists and butterfly joint are a little loose, so his arms sometimes don’t support the weight of the guns in every pose.

Sombra has a little less articulation with:

  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, wrists, hips, elbows, and ankles
  • Swivel thighs
  • Ball and socket neck
  • Double hinged knees
  • Torso swivel

I’m not 100% sure what Sombra’s torso articulation is because her torso is covered with a fairly large and solid coat piece that appears to be glued together. I didn’t feel like tearing the figure apart just to determine the articulation scheme, but I was able to get some swivel from it. The coat is split, so the leg articulation isn’t hindered, but the ankles are a little loose on my figure.

The paint is good on these two and I especially like the way the face printing works and Sombra’s detailed hair/tatoo situation along with her pink frosted tips.

Reyes has a couple sharp symbols on his shoulder pads that stand out nicely as well as a cool metallic sheen to his armor. I did notice that Sombra was missing quite a bit of detail on her gloves. I think there is supposed to be some blue on them and a fade that matches the blue to purple fade on her legs.

Overall these two are good figures. I like the designs and their accessories look cool and they fit perfectly on the figures. I think I would have liked a blast effect for Sombra’s gun, but otherwise these feel like great value figures.

I do find it interesting that they released Reyes before the standard, wraith-like Reaper, but maybe that’s an indication that Hasbro is trying to go deeper into the Overwatch line-up of characters and variants and extend the life of the line a bit.