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Hasbro: Overwatch Ultimates Tracer and Lúcio

We’re continuing our look at the Hasbro Overwatch Ultimates figures with Tracer and Lúcio. These two came single packed, but I thought I’d continue on with the two-in-one format I started with the two packs. Let’s look at Tracer and Lúcio.

Like I’ve said before, I didn’t know much about Overwatch going into this, but I had seen Tracer before. She has a Figma and a few statues and the character design seeped into my brain through some sort of nerd world osmosis. Lúcio is a new one for me.

The single pack boxes have the same vibe as the two-packs, with some pretty graphics contrasting nicely with the bold white, gray and orange backdrop, but it does contain less character info.

Tracer comes with two blasters, two blaster effects, a two-fingered salute hand and an open hand.

Her package felt a little light compared to the other Overwatch figures I opened, until I realized that part of her backpack was actually another weapon.

It’s a little removeable bomb that I think is meant to represent her bomb attack in the game.

The bomb secures into a hole in the back, but it’s fairly loose and I’m a little afraid I’ll lose it. I love the detailed sculpt and metallic paint job on the bomb, so I’d hate to not have it as part of the figure. I may end up gluing it down.

If you read the reviews of previous overwatch figures, you may have noted that my main criticism of the line is that the figures don’t always hold the weapons as well as they should. Fortunately that’s not the case with Tracer’s twin pistols. They fit securely and blast effects work great.

The salute hand waving hand are both for the right hand and they swap easily and securely.

I do like the variety of stuff you can do with these alternate parts and would love to see more of the alternate hands and blast effects in other Hasbro lines.

Lúcio comes with a sonic blaster, a fist, a semi open hand and some translucent green effects for his laser-skates that work well as a stand.

The green laser-skate effects are cast in a fairly soft plastic and the blades of the skates latch into grooves on the effect pieces. It’s kind of fun figuring out poses for them and he can balance on one or use two.

The sonic blaster fits well in Lúcio’s hand and has a flexible wire piece that plugs into a hole in his upper bicep. That piece pops out every now and again during posing, but surprisingly doesn’t get in the way of posing.

The alternate hands pop on and off easily and stay on securely. I would have liked an open hand to try and balance the figure on to re-enact some of the fun breakdance animations Lúcio does in the game.

The figures have similar articulation as the other Overwatch figures with:

  • Swivel/hinge neck, shoulders, wrists, hips and ankles
  • Thigh swivel
  • Ball and socket neck and mid-torso
  • Hinged lower-torse

Lúcio also has double hinged elbows while Tracer has the swivel/hinge. Tracer also gets double hinged knees and Lúcio’s are a single that doesn’t get much range due to the design.

Lúcio also has butterfly hinged pecs. Lúcio’s feet are pretty flexible, so he gets better range in the ankle hinge than I would have thought.

Tracer moves pretty great, but I do wish the ball and socket upper torso got a little more range of motion and her elbows got more than a 90 degree bend.

The sculpts on these two figures are pretty great.

They are packed with detail and the translucent goggles really set off their head sculpts nicely.

I love all the detail they packed into Tracer’s pants with their gray textured areas. I also love the depth of the sculpt in her backpack.

The paint is very good. I really like how Tracer’s pants fade from yellow to orange and the tampo’d symbols on her jacket look very slick. Both figures have excellent eye paint that stands out nicely under the translucent goggles.

The only thing I noticed that I was missing were a couple paint details on Lúcio’s gloves.

Overall, these are my favorite figures from the set so far. Tracer met my expectations for the figure and Lúcio was a really pleasant surprise and a ton of fun to mess with.