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Bandai: S.H. Figuarts Spider-Man Far From Home Upgrade Suit and PS4 Spider-Man Promo Images and Pre-Order Info

Okay, that’s a long and convoluted title, but both figures are Spider-Man and I thought I’d put both the Far From Home upgrade suit and the PS4 Spidey in the same article. Will it work? Probably. No one reads these anyway. Just look at the pics. JUST LOOK AT THE PICS!

I’m not sure why Spider-Man gets a new suit in Far From Home, besides the usual “gotta sell more toys” excuse. And I don’t wanna know. We haven’t even watched Avengers: Endgame yet, and I’m supposed to already be worrying about getting the next Spider-Man movie figures. I can’t take this pressure.

Look at the fine detailing on suit though. Tamashii Nations retains the proportions and feel of the previous S.H. Figuarts Spider-Man figure while updating it to the new look. No, it’s not re-use. They are just good at their job.

Accessories include alternate hands, several webs, and replacement eyes.

Far From Home Spidey goes up for solicitation this weekend for about $55 and releases in August.

We expected a movie Parker, what takes me by surprise is the S.H. Figuarts PS4 version.

Does this mean we’ll see more non-MCU Marvel figures from Bandai? Medicom has strayed into comic territory, can Tamashii Nations? Either way, remember how I said the From From Home Spider-Man retains the feel of the previous movie Spideys, and rightfully so? This PS4 captures the game perfectly.

It’s a more adult Parker. He’s been through the ringer a few times. He’s older and wiser. And unlike the Legends figure, this one has all the textures and details from the game suit. It’s also muscular while not being overly muscular. You know what I mean. JUST LOOK AT THE PICS!

Several hands and webs, alternate eye pieces and head, drone, bombs, phone, and parts for a stand. Where a lot of S.H. Figuarts extras fall short, their Spideys usually make up for it.

Plus it can do this…

PS4 Spider-Man will run you about $55 and releases in September.