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Top Five Marvel Legends Dooms That Need to Be Made

While there is an upcoming Walgreens exclusive Infamous Iron Man that is essentially Dr. Doom wearing a very different armor, the masses still cry out for an updated traditional Dr. Doom figure. The last one we got in Marvel Legends was early Hasbro work, and while it was not a terrible figure, there is no doubt a new one would be so, so much better.

Dr. Doom is one of the most well-known and well-used villains of the Marvel Universe, and because of that he deserves a truly excellent figure. While many might be happy enough with just a single Doom, there are others of us who would like to get a sampling of Dooms throughout the years. Doom has been one of the more consistent villains concerning wardrobe choices, but that doesn’t mean he’s beyond a change of wardrobe every now and then.

With that, let’s take a look at my top five list of Doom variations, starting with the obvious:

Regular Doom

This one is an inevitable. We have a brand new, updated Fantastic Four, so a new Dr. Doom is only a matter of when. I hope they go to town on a new Dr. Doom, with extra hands, power effects, extra Doombot heads for army building purposes and by all means, make the hood separate from his cape so he can turn his head. I have pretty high expectations for a new Dr. Doom, and I think Hasbro is capable of living up to them. The sculpt will be sharp, the articulation will be excellent, and it will be a Doom fit to go toe to toe with the FF. Richards!!!!!

Future Foundation Doom

An easy sideways color swap of the regular Doom figure, maybe this can show up in a boxset with the other Future Foundation members. We got a Doom and Spidey in future foundation outfits before, but it’s obviously time for an update. I like the snazzy look of the white and I always like when they play with Doom’s personality in varying ways while also maintaining an internal integrity to his very Doomness. He’s a complicated man, as is true with any good comic villain.

Human skin-armor Doom

On the other hand, Doom is often a damn bastard, so skinning a loved one and using her flesh to create a special suit of armor in order to better empower himself with magic is one of those things he does too. This is a lesser-used version of his armor and probably doesn’t have much of a chance at getting made, but it is still one of the more unique periods in his life. Damn, Doom. You crazy.

Doom 2099

A snazzy and spiky future version of his armor, I think this would just make a fine looking toy. It keeps the overall touches of Doomness of his regular costume but shifts the colors and the aesthetics just enough to be different and aggressive, as the ’90s dictated.

’80s Secret Wars Doom

A completely nostalgic choice based on the old Secret wars action figure and my own love of the original Secret Wars comic, this Doom is a stripped down version without cape and featuring far more of an armored appearance. After stealing the power of the omnipotent Beyonder, Doom would even heal his face, so they could reuse the unmasked head that will be included with the Infamous Iron man version.