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Toy Fair ’19: Hasbro Presentation Info

I’ll be updating this article with info from the Toy Fair 2019 Hasbro panel. Pics aren’t allowed, those will come in short order.

Hasbro Pulse is now Hasbro’s retail outlet along with news and reveals. Lots of new preorders to be announced today and the coming week. Will also have a loyalty program called Pulse Premium. Also, international shipping will be integrated in 2020.

Power Rangers: Next comic saga will be Necessary Evil. Lightning Collection will include MMPR White Ranger, SPD Shadow Ranger (includes unmasked dog head with swappable neck for more realistic canine movement), Lord Zedd, and Dino Charge Red Ranger in Wave 1. Available for preorder now. Ships in April.

Wave 2 will be in the fall. Includes Beast Morphers Red Ranger. Also a Game Stop exclusive MMPR Goldar. Available for pre-order now.

Power Ranger Beast Morphers premieres March 2nd.

Overwatch Ultimates: Wave 1 includes Tracer with alternate hands. Lucio has sonic blaster. Sombra with gun and hacking effect. Black watch Reyes with Hellfire shotguns and effects.

Mercy in a two pack with Pharah.

A second two pack with Soldier: 76 and Ana.

Reinhardt is huge, true to scale. Rocket hammer, shield.

All available April 22, pre-order on GameStop now.

Marvel Legends: 80th anniversary of Marvel.

Ant-Man helmet. Ships now from the Pulse.

Marvel Legends vehicle includes Ultimates WWII Captain America with bike.

Spider-Man Legends wave2 includes Far from Home with upgrade and stealth suit. Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman. Doppelganger. Hydro-Man. Scorpion is 100 percent new, 13 inch bendy tail.

Avengers Legends wave 1 has movie figures. Citizen V. Ebony Maw.

Wave 2 Loki, Beta Ray Bill, Union Jack. Serpent Society Rock Python. Shuri with removable sonic gauntlets.

Walgreens: Infamous Iron Man. Black costume Emma.

Walmart: Corvus Glaive 2 pack with Loki.

Target: Spidey with Kraven. Homecoming Spidey and MJ.

Amazon: Family Matter 3 pack with Magneto, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch.

80th Anniversary: FA Wolverine and Hulk is fan channel. Updated Juggernaut with new helmet and alternate parts with Colossus. Alex Ross Captain America, Iron Man has alternate classic helmet, and Thor. Captain America FA in leathers with Peggy Carter (movie) at Amazon. Ragnarok Korg at 7 inches with Grandmaster. New Hela with Executioner with ax and Dez and Troy. Avengers Infinity War Iron Spider with Iron Man. Ghost and Luis.

X-Men Vintage Wave. X-Factor Cyclops. Silver Samurai. Madripoor Wolverine. Outback Dazzler.

X-Force wave: Guardian. Boom Boom. Cannonball with blast effect. Mr. Sinister. Nightcrawler with three heads, open and closed mouths.

Star Wars: There are no main line Black Series figures to reveal today, new movie coming.

New Black Series packaging.

Celebration exclusive is padawan Obi-Wan on throwback TPM card. Alternate doink hand and be rereleased in summer wave with Aphra, 000, BT-1, Chopper, and Ezra.

Also at Celebration, Darth Maul on TPM throwback card. Rereleased in fall Archive wave.

2020 is 40 of Empire Strikes Back. Return of the Fan Vote, will be on fan sites.


War for Cybertron on Netflix.

Studio Series. Voyager Bumblebee Optimus Prime. Dropkick. Hightower. Drift. KSI Boss. DotM Prime.

Ectotron. Transformers and Ghostbusters comic and shirts coming.

Siege. Red Alert. Springer. Thundercracker. Smash down and Caliburst. Armada Prime.

Generations. Combat Megatron.