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From Our Sponsors: HobbyLink Japan 02/15/19

Fwoosh sponsor HobbyLink Japan has new arrival and pre-orders, like Transformers, Dragon Quest, Bandai, Nendoroid, and more!

Hot Preorders

MP-45 Transformers Masterpiece Bumblebee Ver.2.0 by Takara Tomy
Presenting the first Transformers Masterpiece Bumblebee in a purely animated style! The vehicle mode is supervised by Volkswagen, and reproduces the Choro-Q super-deformed style of the toy launched at the time of the show's first broadcast!

SG-25 Transformers Siege Brunt by Takara Tomy
Brunt features 3mm hard points and 5mm ports for effect parts and weapons; he's fully articulated, too, for maximum action posing!

SG-26 Transformers Siege Jetfire by Takara Tomy
Jetfire comes loaded with weapons, effect parts for the weapons and his jet verniers, and more!

Gigantic Arms 07 Lucifer's Wing by Kotobukiya
The Gigantic Arms Lucifer's Wing can be worn by most Frame Arms Girls and Megami Device figures, or transform into other modes for solo posing!

Diaclone DA-36 Powered System Maneuver Alpha Spartan by Takara Tomy
The Maneuever Alpha Spartan is ready for action with various weapons and tools, and a Diaclone crew member in silver and red!

Diaclone DA-35 Skyjacket [Storm Savers Ver.] by Takara Tomy
Combine DA-35 Skyjacket with the PS Maneuver to power it up to an airborne fighting machine, with a wing unit on its back and armor units on its shoulders, arms and legs!

Robot Damashii (SIDE KMF) Lancelot siN by Bandai
The Lancelot siN's Energy Wings are reproduced with vividly coloured clear parts, and the Ceaseven Anti-Material VARIS units are included for each arm!

Robot Damashii (SIDE KMF) Gurren Tokushiki by Bandai
From the “Code Geass” series comes a Robot Damashii of the mighty Knightmare Frame used by the Black Knights, the Gurren Tokushiki!

35 Mechatro WeGo: Knight WeGo by Sentinel
The Knight from “MU” becomes a Mechatro WeGo robot, equipped with the Knight’s distinctive armor, sword and wings, and made with die-cast parts!

VF-31J Siegfried Freyja Wion Color Macross Delta the Movie by Hasegawa
This VF-31J is presented in colors and markings echoing Freyja Wion's costume from the February 2018 live concert held at Yokohama Arena!

Nendoroid Captain America Infinity Edition DX Ver. by Good Smile Company
Nendoroid Captain America is back, along with a DX version with more accessories, and an extension set if you've already got the earlier release!

chitocerium LXXVIII-platinum by Good Smile Company
Good Smile's new model figure series features incredible articulation and designs by popular artist, huke!

Just Arrived In Stock

MODEROID Shinkalion E5 Hayabusa by Good Smile Company
Good Smile's Shinkalion E5 features fully articulated joints after assembly, allowing you to recreate its Kaisatsu Sword pose and Grand Cross pose!

Hexa Gear Voltrex is back with a new color scheme and a Governor!

5PRO STUDIO MEGA HERO Tekkaman by Medicom
Tekkaman launches 5PRO STUDIO's brand new Mega Hero action figure lineup!

Kamen Rider Zi-O DX Saikyo Girade by Bandai
Bandai brings us Kamen Rider Zi-O's upgraded sword weapon, featuring two modes with different attack sounds!

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Bring Arts Erik (Camus) by Square Enix
Erik from “Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age” comes with his pair of daggers, a sheath, a boomerang, a treasure chest and Dracky!

Toho 30cm Series Ebirah by X Plus
The classic kaiju from 1966's “Ebirah, Horror of the Deep” is rendered in exacting detail, including his massively powerful right claw!