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eBay Frenzy 01/13/19: Some Nostalgia, a Dash of Star Wars, and a Whole Lotta Marvel Customs

It’s been a few weeks so it’s time to see what kind of customs are up on eBay! Oh, yup, tons of Marvel Legends, just like I expected. NOT A BAD THING!

Oh man, I ran across this Starman and some forgotten memories came swelling back up. I don’t even care it’s built on an older wrestling figure, this was my jam back in the day. And if you started this paragraph with comics in mind, you’re on the wrong track.

There is no better way to get me to buy an action figure again than to slap it on a “vintage” type card. I already have two Bishops, y’know, in case I ever want to use one for a custom, but now I need one carded.

The presentation doesn’t do the figure any favors but I love the build for this Darth Maul and the head with the longer horns is right up my alley. Sleek and sexy!

Hasbro’s current dip into New Mutants and X-Force has me wanting a Warpath like this, big and bulky but still slightly svelte. I still need a smaller original Thunderbird, probably more, but this too. Don’t make me choose.

Oooo, such a cool recipe for Azrael.

If you’re not happy with the official BaF Lizard head, Benty has you covered with this resculpt.

I LOVE Eternity customs. They just look so damn fun. Splash some cosmos here, a little stardust there, a scoop of moons and clouds. I could look at them all day. Makes me wish I hadn’t passed on those 12-inch Silver Surfers back in the day.

I’m not as familiar with this costume for Jean as I am, say, the green or red Phoenix or the classic Marvel Girl, but look at the paintwork on those reds and blues! And then the shading? Shhhhhiiiiii….

I actually think I featured this Pyro a while back, but it worth looking at again. Great recipe. I need more updated Brotherhood!

I have a soft spot for Inferno and it’s drastically underrepresented on my shelf. I’d love for a full line of superheroes in torn up costumes and all kinds of demons, but to start let’s go with Goblin Queen.

This customizer does a lot of re-imagining of Marvel characters. I especially like his Black Knight. But Machine Man caught my eye today, mostly because I can see him looking like this in the actual comics. Plus it’s pretty amazing.

I’m still high on Into the Spiderverse after seeing it and I think we should have gotten this Miles in the Target two-pack. Or somewhere. Anywhere.

I’m still not sure if Gwenom is an actual thing but I dig the look, concept, and especially this custom. Mmmm.

And finally, we’ve been hoping for a Dr. Doom in the Mezco line for a while now because the design just lends itself so well to the One:12 Collective style, and this custom absolutely proves it. The mixed media is perfect, the accessories are stellar, and the presentation is on point. This is one hell of an auction.