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Best of 2018: Mezco One:12 Collective Knightmare Batman

I felt an almost air of panic, trying to narrow down a single figure as my “Best of” for this year. This was an excellent year for figures, and more than even just in my usual- Toy Alliance and ToyNotch made a very close push for the top of the pile this year. But the more I thought on it, I knew there was really only one choice.

Mezco had a big damn year, no question. It’s not uncommon, though, to visit the boards, or social media, and find a reoccurring notion that Mezco is some kind of Vaporware- with a dozen pending figures for every one released. It’s a “forest for the trees” kind of thing- with so much product spread out over so many months of lead time, it’s easy to lose sight of just how many figures we actually got this year verses how many we’re still waiting on. But even so, this has been an impressive year. Deathstoke. Spideys. Wonder Woman. Black Adam. Alex. Micheal Myers. Popeye. Iron Men. Logan. And there were Batmen, of course. All three were major contenders.

But ultimately, there was one figure, almost every bit a testament to what I love about collecting as it is a remarkable figure on it’s own, and that’s where my 2018 pick must be.

We got Knightmare Batman in March, after almost not getting him at all. Due to a less than stellar response to the movie- something I’ll leave up to you to determine it’s validity- had Mezco reconsidering additional figures. But, we as fans did something unique for us: we spoke out. For the most part, we did so effectively. Passionately. And the parts that made it unique; we did so in a positive manner, and it got results. It proved that yes, Mezco does listen, and yes, if the desire is there, they will make it happen.

And that lesson of goodwill can get lost and usurped so quickly and easily, I felt compelled to remind myself as much as the rest of us. This hobby is about enjoyment. And when that magic nexus of an awesome fan-desired figure getting made in such awesome fashion, it can make the appearance of a Batman figure depicting an apocalyptic future seem kinda ironic. Here we have a Batman in possibly his darkest hour, and he represents one of the most positive, most satisfying experiences I’ve had in this hobby since the Plan B Toys. Here’s to a 2019 where I, and anybody who wants to join me, can work harder on remembering the joy and excitement that made me love this hobby in the first place, and forget all the other crap.

Thanks Fwoosh, thanks Mezco, and thanks, Fwoosh community.