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Four Horsemen Studios: Mythic Legions Advent of Decay Goblin Legion Builder

Goblins are one of the new factions introduced to the world of Mythic Legions with Advent of Decay and I went all-in on the little rotters. So far I’ve opened Knubnik and enjoyed that figure quite a bit. Today we’re going to take a look at the Goblin Legion builder.

The Legion Builders are slightly cheaper figures that feature simpler paint job schemes and more generic features that help the collector more easily build the different armies of Mythosss.

The Goblin Legion Builder comes in the usual collector friendly packaging and includes a nice number of accessories including:

  • A Spear
  • Shoulder pads
  • Brown Weapon Strap
  • A Sword
  • An axe with a removeable skull decoration
  • Three wing attachement pieces
  • Two heads
  • A removeable spiked collar

The spear is a well-known common accessory from the first Mythic Legions line, but it’s a nice weapon of an army builder to wield.

The Goblin Legion Builder has a couple of newer weapons, the sword with bone handle from the first ML weapons pack and a newer axe that we’ve seen in the forces of evil weapon pack. All three weapons are painted the same silver, which is fine but looks a little weird on the sword and axe handles.

It’s an easy fix if it bothered me too much, but I’ll take the trade off for the reduced price figure. The axe has this really neat skull decoration that can be removed.

It slips on and off a little to easily, so I might just glue it in place as I like the look. For the pictures, I just put a little dab of poster tack in between the axe and the skull. The axe looks pretty neat without the skull too.

The shoulder pads are the same pieces from Knubnik and they look great and are articulated on a hinge, so the arm still gets good movement. I love the variety of looks you can get by adding and subtracting the shoulder pads, strap, weapons, heads, and the collar.

The heads are both really neat. The unmasked head has quite a bit of character with an evil snarl, some warts, and scars.

The helmeted head features a massive, brutal looking helmet. The helmet looks like a re-use of what’s included with Gonx, with less detailed paint.

The design of the helmet is similar to the helmeted head that comes with Knubnik, but it has a  massive face guard that somehow reminds me a bit of the goblins from Labryinth, but more intimidating. 

The Gonx head will work with the collar, but it kind of stretches out the spikes, so I prefer to use it without the collar piece and just the shoulder pads.

I don’t really care for how this head works without the shoulder pads.

The wing attachment pieces work fine, though the bird wings are a little heavy for goblins to balance, not to mention they are taller than the figure when folded. It does kind of make me want some flying monkeys, though.

The body overall is similar to Knubnik, but this figure has the plate-armored lower torso and it looks spectacular with long arms, short legs, and large head, he’s a perfect personification of classic looking goblin. The guys knocked it out of the park with these.

The articulation is pretty much Mythic Legions standard except the swivel/hinge was ommitted from the knees. I don’t think it hinders posing significantly. EDIT: Friendly Fwoosher and Customizer extraordinaire Zombie 13 let me know that the knee swivel is there. They were just stuck on my figures. A little heat loosened them up, though there isn’t a lot of range of motion. Thanks, Zombie 13!

Overall, this is another great figure from this line and my main critique ends up being that I wish I could easily buy a few more at my leisure at the original sweet price.  I’d love to build an army of these little buggers. BBTS has it available now for a bit of a mark up.

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