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ReadySetz: Urban Playset

Ready Setz have given kids and collectors alike pop-up playlets that are affordable, easy to display, and super simple to put away. Well, now they are looking to expand their scenery with some new sets via a pre-order that is going on right now. However, things got started with the Urban Playset, and we have a quick look at that now!

In this age high quality action figure photography, collectors and photographers alike are always looking for new ways to bring realism and depth to their shots. Also, though, we are in a time where the “real” toy has been on the decline and constantly taking a back seat to the video game and otherwise further digital media and entertainment. It is kind of shame as this means we see less and less when it comes to the large and robust worlds that were created by action figure lines of years past. It was never really enough to just have figures back in the day, you needed vehicles and play sets, too, and for the most part, these latter additions are quickly becoming an endangered species.

However, a few companies out there, including ReadySetz are bringing interactive play back into the world with play sets that can add more dimension to a variety to action figure and toy lines, across different scales. Plus, ReadySetz is taking it a step further by cutting out expensive plastics in lieu of sturdy cardboard, and making is so that play time can fold out in seconds without assembly, and when it is time to clean up, even a massive play set can fold back up in no time at all. The massive Urban Playset is the first offering from them, and right now they have a PRE-ORDER campaign going to bring even more environments to market.

The Urban Playset unfolds quickly from a tidy stack to a massive, multi-level, and multi-faced environment measuring about three feet high, and almost that wide. This one focuses on a street level alley-esque setting with a sewer and sub level below the street. All of this folds out a bit like an accordion, and once you hook in three teeth and get the magnets to line up, everything is good to go and solid. This is interesting as it can be used as one continues scene, or as a connection of several different spaces to diversify adventures all in one spot. This particular set reminds me a lot of the locations used in the first TMNT movie, so getting those figures at about the same time as this was a lovely coincidence. Even at 6.5″ tall, these NECA Turtles fit in just fine here, and 1:18 scale and everything in between can be comfortable in this space, so I really dig it.

So, if you are looking for some enhanced play for your kiddies (or for YOU), or at a chance to bring some depth and environment to your toy photos, this is a great set that offers a lot of diverse scenes all in one package.

As I said, ReadySetz is in the midst of a PRE-ORDER on their site for the new Space Base, and you can grab this Urban Playset, too.

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