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DC Collectibles: Justice League Superman Statue

While the Justice League movie has come and gone through theaters, there is still a ton of merchandise that is currently available, or soon to be available, to collect from the film. DC collectibles and sculptor James Marsano have teamed up to bring DC’s biggest Icon, Superman, played by Henry Cavill in the movie, to life in statue form.

The packaging itself is impressive with its massive size and weight. Secured safely in layers of styrofoam and plastic, opening him makes you realize that this is a weighty piece. Each side of the box has some nice pictures of what is enclosed, as well as the other statue offerings from the film on the back.

Once out of that super secured packaging, you realize just how impressive a piece this statue really is.

Standing 13 inches tall and meticulously sculpted, Superman makes for a very impressive statue. This statue, limited to 5,000 pieces, features Supes in his iconic hands-on-hips heroic pose. His head is posed gazing off into the distance and his cape is cloth. It has a nice bendable wire throughout that allows for some dynamic posing. The weight of the cloth keeps it from standing straight out, but it is definitely moveable enough to get into some nice “billowing” poses.

The design of the movie Superman costume is intricately detailed, and each and every little piece of that costume is rendered here to perfection. There has to be an insane amount of detail in the sculpt to match that  costume, and each little detail is captured here all the way from his neckline to his toes. All the raised details and piping are all here as well, along with each and every little segmented, almost chain mail, piece of his costume’s design. The iconic “S” really stands out and pops to the point that I ended up glaring at it for a solid five minutes, enamored by the sculptwork.

The likeness is a great representation of Cavill. This statue really captures his jutted jaw, perfect cheekbones, and his physical stature. No matter what you think of the film, it’s hard to argue that the guy isn’t a perfect fit for Superman physically, and this statue nails those traits perfectly.

On top of the great sculptwork are some premium paints that bring out that great sculpt. Details on the suit,  and even the hair, are all gorgeously painted to make each detail pop. The skin tones even have slightly different colored spots in certain areas to simulate imperfections in the skin.

If you’re a fan of the movie, the DC extended universe, or of Superman in general, this is a great piece to add to your collection. He’s a great addition to any statue shelf or really any shelf for a fan of comics, superheroes, or just damn cool-looking collectibles.