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Hasbro: Supreme Leader Snoke (Throne Room)

I’m an easy mark for Star Wars figures. I’ll forgive deficiencies of characters I love and I’ll forgive characters I don’t care about if it’s a good action figure. Snoke did not impress in The Force Awakens and we’ve seen very little of him in trailers for The Last Jedi, so I don’t have a lot of love for the guy. This one has to get by on its merits as a figure. Let’s take a look!

Snoke comes in a window box that shows off the figure and throne to good effect. I got Snoke from Gamestop.com and the outer box looked fine, but the box was damaged in shipping somehow. Not a big deal for me, but MOC collectors might want to try and pick one up at the store if they are looking for minty goodness.

Snoke comes with one heck of an accessory in his throne. The throne is a pretty solid piece of plastic with some nice details that have that “Star Wars” flair. The tiny paint details on the throne are pretty clean. Having not seen much reference for this, I can’t say how accurate to the film it is, but Snoke looks good sitting there.

The little foot stool is removable and comes detached in the package. I like that the back is actually detailed, though I don’t love the screws there. I get the feeling Snoke is going to be filling the Emperor role in The Last Jedi, and the one thing I really wanted for an Emperor Palpatine figure was his throne, so I really appreciate that Snoke comes with his.

Snoke is mostly covered in his soft goods robe, the main part of the sculpt visible being the head, neck and hands.

The detail on the scarred head and neck is pretty fantastic and matches the reference I’ve seen. The paint on the head has a drybrush that brings out the details well. The eye paint is a little sloppy on one eye that is visible close up.The soft goods robe is interesting. It has a high collar that is held up by a piece of plastic around the neck and under the robe and seems to match some of the art I’ve seen, but not others. I think it’s mostly effective and the main benefit is that Snoke sits well on the throne.

Under the robe is a rather unimpressive outfit with off-white capri pants, a pair of little gold slippers, and a shirt with a deep V. The gold booties have some intricate detail to them as does the removable soft plastic belt.

Snoke does have pretty close to the standard Black Series articulation with:

  • Ball-and-socket neck and mid-torso
  • Swivel/hinge shoulders, hips, ankles, and wrists
  • Double-hinged knees and elbows
  • Bicep and thigh swivels

Due to his tall and willowy frame and pointed booties, he doesn’t stand well. I think that’s going to be fine since he looks great sitting there all evil on his throne.

Overall, the set is a win. I don’t think I’d be happy with Snoke on his own, but seated on the throne he’s the perfect picture of desiccated evil.