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DreamEx: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo and Raphael


DreamEx finally reveals official promotional images for the first two actual turtles in their 1:6 scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line: Leonardo and Raphael!

Or “Rapheal” as the images say. But when the figures look this cool they are allowed some typos.

If you don’t remember, DreamEx has already broke TMNT toyline tradition and solicited characters other than the four brothers first. Casey Jones and Shredder look amazing. Later a Krang was teased along with some pictures from an overseas toy show showing prototypes for Leo, Raph, and Mikey. Here’s that pic.

DreamEX Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Krang Preview 03

If you check out some of the accessories lying around Leonardo above and then eyeball the below pics, you’ll notice that some of the extras have been switched to Raphael for whatever reason, most noticeably the crossed arms and the pizza.

But enough of that, to the actual promo pics!



Raphael comes with a ton of accessories, including his sai, throwing stars, crossed arms, several sets of hands, a Turtle-com, grappling hook, an extra head, and a pizza.





Leo essentially comes with everything Raph does except instead of crossed arms and a boxed pizza he has sword sheathes, pizza slices, and throwing knives. And different style throwing stars.



Did I mention how shiny their main weapons are. Sooooo shiny.

No pre-order info or release date but that should come soon. Probably as soon as I post this and go to bed.