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Kaiyodo: Revoltech Deadpool *UPDATED*

Kaiyodo Revoltech Deadpool Featured 2

We saw initial pics of Revoltech Deadpool yesterday but missed a lot of information. Now we know a lot more, plus more pics of DP in vanilla poses. Like this Wade is going to be displayed in vanilla poses . . .

When I first saw the pics yesterday, I got so excited that I put the pics up and then pretty much ogled them the rest of the day. I’m not kidding. I am obsessed. It wasn’t until later I started wondering the size, price, and other much-needed details. Not that it matters because the answers to my questions weren’t “free” and “right now,” but I can wait. I guess.

Kaiyodo Revoltech Deadpool 13

This image tells us that the figure is 6.2 inches tall. Perfect. This should fit right into my overall display no problem.

The suggested retail price is around $55 and is scheduled for October. That’s not . . . too far . . . away.

In my excitement I didn’t realize there are two masked heads. One is stern and basic, the other has a pouty-lip frown. Or maybe it’s pursed in anger. Either way, it’s more emotive. The interchangeable eye pieces are also separate so you can mix and match them any way you choose.

Kaiyodo Revoltech Deadpool 7

I posted this pic yesterday but I’m putting it here again to note the different mouths under the mask. Plus it gives me another chance to stare at the heart eyes.

Kaiyodo Revoltech Deadpool 4

People were asking for a more straight-on vanilla pose, so I made some calls to the right people and had them take these shots. I’m kidding. I found them online. I wish it were more exciting than that.

I can see and agree with the comments that the head looks small, especially when posed like this, but this figure just screams to be posed in different crazy poses all over the display every other day.

And then, of course, more awesomely posed shots.

I really don’t know what more I can say. This figure shot to the top of my need list. I’m still excited about the Marvel Legends Deadpool and he’ll go on the shelf in my yearbook-posed display. But this Deadpool is going to be my carry-around-the-house version. He’ll invade all my other toy lines and play crazy pranks on them.

Is it October yet?

Kaiyodo Revoltech Deadpool 8

Edit: So of course, as soon as I post this the retailers start putting up the pre-orders. Both HLJ and Amiami have this up now for around $45 before shipping. BigBadToyStore also has their pre-order up. As you can probably guess, I put my preorder in before editing this in. I can’t be fighting all of you for this little piece of murderous awesomeness.