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Articulated Icons: Fwoosh Exclusive Shinobi



There are stories of a mysterious, highly-skilled hero who always appears when needed. Whether saving a lone woman on a deserted side road from thieves or fighting off a band of outlaws, this mysterious individual has already created a legend for himself. Conflicting stories have put him at several places at once, leading many to wonder if the mystery savior is not one man but many. The Ninja seem almost supernatural in their methods, so who is to know for certain?

Shinobi 2Shinobi Shinobi 3

This Shinobi with a Fwoosh-exclusive BLUE costume will be available for pre-order soon. Additionally, this figure will also be available to all of our Kickstarter Backers in our forthcoming Backer Kit. That means you can order him with no additional shipping charges!

Keep it right here because, as you can see, there are likely more Shinobi coming soon, and in true ninja fashion, you never know where they might pop up…