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SDCC 2015: New Marvel legends Spider-man figures Revealed!

Legends-LogoLooks like we’ve got a new wave full of Spidey characters to ogle. Check out Fwoosh’s pictures of some brand new figures, including:

Speed Demon
Female Beetle

Spider Gwen
Jack O’ Lantern
Ben Reilly Spider-man

BAF Absorbing Man

Gah…classic Beetle gets screwed again!


33 thoughts on “SDCC 2015: New Marvel legends Spider-man figures Revealed!

  1. Hey. Thanks. I forgot about Darkseid! That jogged my recall into Rex Mason!
    Still,no such MU figure exist. Other than Odin/Thor. You’re right.

  2. The DCUC Darkseid had an alternate hand, but I can’t recall one for MU, other than the Odin/Lord Thor alt pieces.

  3. With that sweet looking Morbius, the incredible new Ghost Rider and my old TB Man-Thing I’m inching closer to that Legion of Mosnters display that probably only I dream about.

    Bring on Manphibian!

  4. i love ML villains! they always get a cool expressions on their face, really adds to the characters. that smirk on Speed Demon is awesome haha. cant wait to complete the Sinister Six(five)!

  5. Of course. I agree, they are all classics. Frog Man and White Rabbit next!

  6. You sold the old Ms Marvel? I can never do that as i always feel that the women are much less represented than the males. I am happy do have one good Captain America (or two) but females i gotta keep. They are too rare…

  7. So many fans will be happy, specially for Jack and Gwen. i will be happy to get most of them. Like the female Beetle, but still miss an accurate male 70’s Beetle. Overall nice mix on this wave.

  8. He might be my favorite one. I’m really happy he doesn’t have the tongue.

  9. I like them all. My only issue is that I think Spider Gwen needs an alternate Gwen Stacey head. Other than that, great wave.

  10. I’ll buy everyone to get that Absorbing Man.

    I really like most of this wave: Jack O Lantern, Speed Demon, Morbius, and Spider-Gwen will all find a spot on my shelves. Luke warm on Beetle, but if we have to have another Beetle this is the one I preferred, so I count her as a win.

    I prefer Flash Thompson as Venom, so I don’t need this one, ditto with Spectacular.

  11. bravo!! I want made in plastic ALL THE MANY MANY MANY SPIDERMAN´S ENEMIES

  12. I hope that venom brings an interchaneable head, because if not I´m staying with my older one. The jack O’lantern is not that big of an improvement as to buy it again, I will keep my older one too; and Spider Gwen is an easy pass for me… Still confused about Absorbing man… too many remakes in one wave…

  13. Agreed, Absorbing man looks nice just wish for more features such as interchanging arms. Hasbro will not invest in such things…so sad that they do not want to reach for greatness.

  14. Agreed, Absorbing man looks nice just wish for more features such as interchanging arms.

  15. You again….I’m the pessimist….I know, I know…I enjoy all your work on the site btw.

    Venom is what I want, ut all the problems from toxin may be here….depending on the head size and the movement the ball peg allows.

  16. Haha, yeah I’ve seen the completed BAFs on that site before but usually the cost for it alone is more than the cost of the figures needed to complete the BAF anyway so in that case, I’d rather buy all the figures haha. If there was a wave where I only wanted 1 or 2 plus the BAF, I’d be more tempted!

    The 4 I’m after are Venom, Spider-Gwen, Morbius and Jack-O-Lantern, no real desire for the other 3. Hasbro has gotten me like that for Ultron, Hulkbuster and Rhino already this year! Haha although all the figures look cool and I’ll be happy to have them, it’s more a matter of shelf space and the hit my wallet will take!

  17. Has there ever been a BAF with alternate hands? This is really the first one where I’d think there should be.

  18. These look good but I’m not a SpiderGwen fan.I guess I’ll add her to a Spiderverse shelf

  19. Another wave where I want 4 of the 7 figures plus the BAF, meaning I will buy the whole wave. Hasbro is really good at that lol

  20. Looks like we are well on the way to having a complete Superior Foes team!

  21. Been wanting a classic Venom update for some time … that wasn’t is a weird Select scale. Sweeeeeeeeeeet.

  22. Any alternate hands for Absorbing Man?

    Speed Demon – Best accessory ever if that’s a remote control Silvermane head (even without the remote control)

  23. Venom looks somewhat problematic, looks like the TOxin repaint, different head and the feet look like boots rather than feet.

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