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Hasbro: Spider-Man Legends Infinite Kraven the Hunter

Hasbro Spider-Man Legends Infinite Kraven The Hunter Featured

I didn’t really know how excited I was about this figure until I got him in-hand. I mean, I was really excited, but getting him in my dirty mitts was a done deal. Favorite of the wave. And I don’t have any other characters from this series yet.

I always had a thing for Kraven. He wasn’t my favorite villain, but he was the crazy guy that would show up just for the hunt and not for the money or world domination. He just wanted the thrill of defeating Spider-Man. And he did it in animal skins and a wacky lion-head vest. I never had much use for the first ToyBiz Marvel Legends Kraven, so when this version was shown looking like it did in prototype form at Toy Fair this year I got antsy. It couldn’t come out fast enough. And when I nabbed Grim Reaper and learned what a great new body this is, I couldn’t take it any more. I had to have Kraven.

The new body is prefect for Kraven. And I’m calling it now — it’s going to be great for a lot of other characters too, once we get a clean version with straight-up spandex. But this figure is how reuse should be done. There are enough sculpted add-on parts to make the base figure disappear into the character. While it uses the torso, upper arms, crotch, and upper legs of Reaper, the rest of the pieces are new, making Kraven a figure all to its own. To top it off, the newly sculpted parts are fantastically rendered.

The belt pouches and knee skulls are the highlight for me, but even the head is just soooo Kraven. Sure, the paint isn’t up to the standards set by the prototype, but what final factory figure is when it comes to Marvel Legends? The skin tones took the biggest hit in this department, but at least shading was added to the skulls and leg-wrap fur things. Not so much on the lion mane, though, and it looks like the lion nostrils being painted below the actual sculpt of the nostrils is going to be a common thing. The hair is a straight black and the mustache and goatee are a little basic, but the odd, gold eyes make me forget about those. Yeah, gold — mesmerizing. But at least his only accessory, a spear, does get some added paint apps.

The red beads and gray feathers with a wash makes the spear pop when it could have been just a blade and stick. The spearhead is a steel color over a plain-looking sculpt. I feel like it would have been cooler with a stone texture, but what can a guy do?

For articulation, you can check out my video review. I also sneak a peek at the Reaper body with Captain America parts. It looks awesome.

The new body is taller and broader than the Bucky Cap body, and that is a sight to behold. For too long we have been asking for this and Hasbro (and Gentle Giant) completely delivered. I could go on and on for days about my love for this new body, and I probably will when we get more characters using this base. Love. It. Want. More.

Hasbro Spider-Man Legends Infinite Kraven The Hunter Comparison

Where Kraven really shines is facing off with ol’ Webhead, though. We just got a great Spidey, and now there is an awesome Kraven to pit him against. It makes me want redos of so many other Spider-Man rogues.

Do yourself a favor and get Kraven. I want another one, just to have a Kraven with me at all times. I can’t explain it, I just feel it, you know?

Hasbro Spider-Man Legends Infinite Kraven The Hunter 6

21 thoughts on “Hasbro: Spider-Man Legends Infinite Kraven the Hunter

  1. I also now see that pic of GM as Mac from It’s Always Sunny, and that’s too perfect for his character.

  2. “But this figure is how reuse should be done. There are enough sculpted add-on parts to make the base figure disappear into the character.”

    Perfectly stated. That should be something for them to remember/’refer to’ when coming up with new character ideas. I’m excited for this one. I think he looks awesome.

  3. You know, that’s another reason I hadn’t thought of as to why I love this new body (like I needed another). It looks awesome in a neutral position. And to do it with what looks like a bulky vest is even more awesome.

  4. It’s a little stiff but yeah, it slides right off when you position his arms back. I didn’t even think to show that.

  5. This Kraven is way too brown. He needs more vibrant animal hides. What’s the point of wearing a torn loincloth over pants? Human skull kneepads with fur ties look like they’re trying too hard to make him look tough.

  6. Better. It’s really the same sculpt essentially (and well it should be as both were sculpted by Gentle Giant) but with far better articulation. Take MS Rhino, make his hide a bit darker, give him all the articulation that figure needs, two heads, removable shoulder pads and you get Legends Rhino. It’s really the only Rhino you need and the best so far. No steps backwards. Easily one of the best BAFs released yet.

  7. not only have we finaly gotten a nice version of kraven but also the first ever chameleon if nothing else they can reuse his body for maybe his kid or a new updated version of other spidey rogues like the first hobgoblin.

  8. wow… was not expecting that the arms would be able to lay down that well at his sides… I got the MU Kraven despite me not being a MU collector because it looked so nice… sadly at least from these images I think it does still look a little nicer… but still… wow this is amazing. This whole wave is amazing. Can’t wait to have Kraven stalking White Tiger! Can’t wait for Kraven.

    Honestly he became a favorite for me back when ML where light on villains… I always had to use Spidey villains to match up with everyone else… Kraven and Punisher… kind of an epic mash up I wish we had in the comics…

  9. Hmmmm,IDK, something seems familiar about that head sculpt… “I feel so unsure…as I take your hand and lead you to the dancefloor..”

  10. Absolutely. Haven’t seen him lately… don’t know if he could still pull it off, gotta be in his late 60s by now.

  11. That’s so Kraven. I’m really excited to get my full wave in now. Kraven was a highlight for me, too. Wait until you put Hornhead together. It’s not just my love of him, but he takes the sculpting to a new level with ML. I’m actually very impressed with the pics of Kraven I’ve been seeing as well. This wave seems to have a LOT of new sculpting in it.

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