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EQ 2

The 68 page graphic novel brings the thrill of 80s mini-comics to a full-size format.

MAY 12, 2015 (Champaign, IL): Mini-comics from the 80s and 90s are one of the best-loved aspects of the action figure lines that came out during that era. Fans of such diverse lines as ALIENS, Super Powers, Masters of the Universe, RoboForce, Sectaurs, Dino-Riders, Rock Lords, Bravestarr, and many, many more would absorb those four-color adventures, reading them over and over and using them as a guide for their play. Now, Eon Quest brings the spirit of the mini-comics of the 80s into the present day in a full-size format. The 6.1875” x 7.875’ book (which will be a minimum of 68 pages) features a diverse array of characters in a cosmic adventure. The graphic novel is totally complete, and the Kickstarter is going solely to printing costs. The Kickstarter can be found at:

“It’s exciting that people are responding to these characters and the way they echo toy lines of the past while forging something new,” says Eon Quest creator Jon Wesley Huff. “The first story is made to be a lot of fun, capturing the energy of those mini-comics and the varied and strange beings that populated them. The overall proportions of the book are the same as some of the mini-comics from the past, but the larger format shows off the artwork much better. ” For more information about Eon Quest, fans can check out

About the World of Eon Quest

After a thousand years ruling the Ninth Galaxy, Lord Eon™ must call forth its greatest warriors to undertake a dire quest. Negalith™, Lord of the Void, is trying to break free of his imprisonment and threaten their universe once more. Only the combined powers of Starbreaker™, Uplink™, Alchemris™, Lady Lune™, Boostar™, and Lila Baron™ can stop him!

About Jon Wesley Huff

Jon Wesley Huff has been working in the Graphic Design and Marketing field for over fourteen years. He has had a passion for illustration, action figures and comic book storytelling his whole life, which has greatly influenced the development of Eon Quest.