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Square Enix: Play Arts Kai Variant Star Wars Darth Maul

Square Enix Play Arts Kai Variant Star Wars Darth Maul Featured

The Play Arts Kai Variant treatment is running wild all over the Star Wars Universe!

But sadly no weapon effects this time around. After Darth Vader’s awesome swooshy lightsaber, Maul’s blades are a disappointing. But the overall design of the figure isn’t that big a departure from the original look. Sure, some armor plates and pouches, but nothing too drastic. In fact, I kinda look at this and see a returned Maul after his fight on Naboo. The legs do look robotic, and he would need chest harnesses and power packs to hold it all together and power them. Yes, I know there is already an iteration of this from the toons but I can justify this too.

Maul comes with an alternate angry face, six hands, two lightsaber hilts (well, three, if you want to get technical), two removable lightsaber blades, and a PAK stand. He’s up for pre-order on AmiAmi for $83.