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Medicom: MAFEX The Dark Knight Joker Final Product Images

MAFEX The Dark Knight Joker Final Featured

The Miracle Action Figure EX The Dark Knight Joker just released overseas and pictures are already making me wish it was in my grubby little hands.

MAFEX The Dark Knight Joker Final 4

I think this is the picture that’s doing it for me. It’s the eyes, that dead stare, at this angle. Just kinda creepy. In other words, nearly perfect. I say nearly because neither head looks absolutely perfect but it’s damn close for a 1/12th scale figure. My other gripe, just going by the pics, is how clean the weapons are. Otherwise, c’mon, get stateside already!

Two noticeable surprises, for me at least, are the chain and jacket. The chain is either real chain or super flexible. And then the jacket is actually detailed on the inside. Insane.

MAFEX The Dark Knight Joker Final 13

Medicom makes The Joker, one of the most iconic comic book/TV/film villains of all time, part of their incredible MAFEX lineup!  Based on Heath Ledger’s legendary portrayal as seen in “The Dark Knight,” this awesomely posable figure is 16cm tall and comes with two facial expressions, a bazooka, a handgun, a knife, an UZI submachine gun, and some playing cards for when it’s time to not be using a firearm. (A spare hand is also included to hold the cards.)  Don’t miss out!

Source: AmiAmi

If you prefer ordering stateside, BigBadToyStore has him up for pre-order with a ship date of April.

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