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Morning Rush: Tamashii Garage

Bandai Tamashii Garage 1

Tamashii is no offering action figure storage services for customers in Japan. Right, I know that most fwooshers don’t live in Japan and that this type of service is utterly useless, but the concept is really interesting. I’m betting that a great many of you don’t own a house or live in your mother’s basement; instead choosing some kind of affordable housing that has limited storage space like an apartment. And that’s where a service like Tamashii Storage would be perfect!

Apartment living would be way more convienent. Sure we have storage facitlities across the land but how many of them cater to action figure collectibles, even offering up the correct size boxes for your toys? This would be great for the mint in box collectors! Just imagine, you could actually keep the extra in boxes in storage knowing they are safe, or for the collector that keeps opens the figures and keeps the boxes, you could store the boxes.

Bandai Tamashii Garage 2

Like I said, there are storage places in the country today, but ones that cater to action figure collectors? Now that’s new!

Bandai Tamashii Garage 3