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First Look – Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinite Target 3-Pack

Marvel Legends Infinite Target 3 Pack featured

The much-anticipated Target 3-Pack Marvel Legends Collector Set has arrived! Announced at San Diego Comic Con 2014, this set had collectors set afire with anticipation! A new Ms Marvel! The almost cancelled Radioactive Man! And Cap. Not much excitement for Cap, but the for the rest, there was excitement! These should be hitting your local Target stores at any time. I managed to get mine for a price (well, with shipping and import fees it all balances) from Kapow! Toys and I am happy I did!

This is a fantastic set. I won’t wax poetic about it as we’ll save that for the individual entries later on. I know that Ms Marvel’s sash is reversed and the hanging straps should be facing her butt and not her crotch. I wanted to show them off. No more words! Pictures!

Captain America

Radioactive Man

Ms Marvel