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Bandai: Movie Realization Darth Vader

Tamashii Movie Realization Star Wars Darth Vader Featured

Bandai has released new pictures of their Movie Realization Darth Vader and while this may not be everyone’s cup of blue milk I have to admit the concept is cool. It’s just really well thought out and executed. From the Imperial insignia and undeniably Vader touches cleverly incorporated into the design to the departure from the “traditional” lightsaber, this mash-up just screams out to me. Buy me. Although, at around $90 I may have to drown that scream out with one of my own.

The figure is 7 inches tall and comes with two lightsabers, with blade and one without. He also comes with three sets of hands: Fists, grips, and a open left hand/pointing right hand combo.

Tamashii Movie Realization Star Wars Darth Vader Concept

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