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Hasbro – Marvel Legends SDCC 2007 Stan Lee Exclusive

Hasbro Marvel Legends SDCC 2007 Exclusive Stan Lee featured

It was amazing that after all the waves of different Marvel Legends series that we’d never gotten the creator himself: Stan Lee. Hasbro and Marvel made this happen in 2007 when they offered up ol’ Stan to masses of crazed convention exclusive collectors at the Hasbro booth at the San Diego Comic Convention.

Hasbro Marvel Legends SDCC 2007 Exclusive Stan Lee

The figure is pretty cool. It is built on the Toy Biz Series 10 First Appearance Spider-Man and comes with interchangeable parts for making Spider-Man, Stan Lee, and Peter Parker. The figure also came with clothes! YES! Before ThreeA Toys started to do their cloth-wearing 6-inch action figures, Hasbro and Marvel tested the waters with ol’ Stan Lee, and, for the time, it was pretty sharp.

We haven’t had an official review of this Spider-Man, and I’ll hold off making a review of it today as the main focus of this exclusive is Stan Lee. But I will mention that this figure is painted in a more classic Spider-Man blue and not the first appearance black. The pop-off parts pop off extremely well and pop on with the same ease. This is a fantastic figure.

The articulation is super posable, just like FA Spidey. The only difference being the add-on hands and feet aren’t articulated except for the swivel where the peg and hole attach. It’s not terribly important when you are posing Stan Lee — it’s not like he needs Spidey-levels of articulation. Most of the time he’s seen sitting at a desk or standing. Here is the breakdown:

Rocker ankles*
Hinged ankles*
Swivel shins
Double-hinged knees
Swivel thighs
Ball hips
Swivel waist
Hinged ab
Ball shoulders
Swivel Biceps
Double-hinged elbows
Swivel forearms
Hinged wrists*
Hinged fingers*
Hinged neck
Swivel head
*not on the Lee/Parker parts

The Stan Lee head sculpt is pure awesome. It is Stan Lee, not an old Lee, and not a young one either. Maybe an iconic one best fits the description. When you look at the figure, you know that this is the guy who helped shape Marvel Comics and developed some of the greatest heroes ever published. It’s a great nod to Stan. Now make us a Jack Kirby figure!

You can still pick Stan up on:


Hasbro Marvel Legends SDCC 2007 Exclusive Stan Lee

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  1. I remember picking that figure up easily on Hasbro’s site several days after the SDCC show had ended. My how times have changed. These days he’d be sold out 2 minutes after he went up on the site.

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