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The Bridge Direct – WWE Stackdown Train and Rumble Playset

Bridge Direct’s Train and Rumble Playset is one of the larger sets available as part of their WWE Stackdown brand. This time around the playset offers a fully immersive scenario full of play potential.

Bridge Direct Wrestling Stackdown (4)Bridge Direct Wrestling Stackdown (5)

The T&R Playset is a two level gym/training center for your WWE mini-figures, built from the standard Lego-styled building blocks. It’s a decently large set and took me about an hour to put together, which I hope is at least intermediate speed.

bridge direct wwe stackdown

The set comes with a pair of figures, Rey Mysterio and Sheamus, both of whom featured well-detailed paint applications that adequately get across their real-world counterparts. The figures feature the standard well-articulated body, with ball joints at the head, shoulders and hips, single joints at the elbow and knees, and cut joints at the wrist and waist.


There’s a lot of play value here. One of the most attractive feature of sets like these is the small little world where you can create a legion of virtual scenarios for your figures. Two levels means plenty of jumping from one level to the next, or leaping from the lights, or whatever you’re in the mood to do with your figures.

The set features a weight bench with barbell, which means your figure can attempt to bench-press way more than his own body weight. There are even extra weights that can be added to the ends or can be left to sit loosely in the separate weight stand. Plus, it’s a big, heavy weapon for wailing on other guys. That can’t end well.

Speaking of stands, there’s also a separate dumbbell with two dumbbells for those all-important curls to keep those tiny plastic biceps strong. Behind the weight center there are two lockers for each of the two figures to keep their gear in or to lock nerds inside, and beyond that there’s a swinging door that serves as the entrance to the training center.

bridge direct wwe stackdown (6)

On the second level there’s a real working heavy bag for your figures to punch or kick or whatever they want. To be honest, I thought that was the coolest feature of everything, and I’m not even sure why. Nice touch, I suppose.

bridge direct wwe stackdown (7)

On the opposite side there’s a punching dummy for your figures to unleash their aggression on.  The body of the dummy is actually made from a soft rubber, so it will be easy on their little knuckles. Makes sense to me!

bridge direct wwe stackdown (14)

In the center of the upper area is an optional sparring area where your figures can be mounted on a spinning contraption that allows you to pivot the smooth-spinning disc and trade punches.

bridge direct wwe stackdown (16)

Since their hands and feet snap in or on pretty much anywhere, there’s a whole host of posing options for them for those of you that want to get photographically creative with your sets. Defying gravity is now easy!

If you or your kid is into wrestling, Legos, and mini-figures, this set has a lot of play value and some well-done features and would make a fun addition to your rainy afternoon playtime.

*Thanks to The Bridge Direct for passing along this sample for review


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