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Fwoosh Happy Hour- Old Toy Biz Marvel Legends Prototypes, DOFP Quicksilver, and Masterpiece Wheeljack!

I was digging through an old hard drive tonight looking for music and ran across a folder labeled “SDCC ’06.” Upon inspection I remembered what was shown that year: The unproduced henchmen, Forbush Man, Throg, and X-babies! We’ve all seen them before but it’s been a long time, and not a lot is happening this weekend so I thought we’d stroll down memory lane. It’s Happy Hour!

It’s weird that I run across these now, given that we’re in the midst of army building with the AIM and Hydra soldier currently hitting retail. These would have been pretty sweet to round out the armies but in the end the lack of articulation would have probably relegated these to fodder bins long ago. Or perhaps not?

We’ve had the Hand Ninja for a while, and after seven years we finally got Hydra and AIM. Now where is our Hellfire Club guards?

A new pictures from X-men: Days of Future Past showed up this week, featuring Wolverine, Magneto, Xavier, and Quicksilver!

1536565_10151885677177285_1512092447_nKinda on the nose there, don’t you think?

Transformers Masterpiece Wheeljack keeps getting closer and closer!


And then there is this…

I post this for two reasons.

I love bacon.

Indy didn’t think I would post it.

My wife looked at it and said “Couldn’t you just flip a muffin pan over and do the same thing?” I said “Maybe, why don’t you go in there and try it? I want some bacon!”

I didn’t say that. I know my place.

Happy Hour is over!