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Custom Spotlight – Zombihamma Articulated Draego-Man Head Sculpt

Custom Draego-Man_01Draego-Man is one of my favorite Masters of the Universe Classics figures.  I absolutely love the design and the whole idea of bringing new characters into the line.  With all that said, I had one nitpick about the factory figure: he did not have an articulated jaw for fire-breathing action.

Custom Draego-Man_02To me, it seemed like a no-brainer to have an articulated jaw for a fire-breathing dragon.  I could imagine a vintage Draego-Man with one of those sparking features found in old ’80s toys.

Custom Draego-Man_03Zombihamma has made my Draego dreams a reality with a custom sculpted Draego-Man head with an articulated jaw.

Custom Draego-Man_04The sculpt is fantastic with cool tongue and teeth details sculpted on the inside of the mouth.  It looks pretty much perfect to me.

Custom Draego-Man_05The whole sculpt matches up with his factory produced head perfectly when closed.

Custom Draego-Man_06The additional articulation adds so much posing value to me and makes the figure that much more expressive.  It’s a real thrill for me to see this head sculpt and having one of my favorite customizers work on my favorite characters is fantastic to see.

Custom Draego-Man_07Zombihamma does sell custom MOTUC kits, but this sculpt is not for sale at this time.

Custom Draego-Man_08Custom Draego-Man_09Custom Draego-Man_10Custom Draego-Man_11 Custom Draego-Man_12 Custom Draego-Man_13 Custom Draego-Man_14

Special thanks to Zombihamma for making my year and sharing this amazing custom sculpt.