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Holiday Gift Guide – Masters of the Universe – 30th Anniversary Limited Edition

Hey, it is no secret that we love our Masters of the Universe around here and while Matty Collector is where you need to go to get the Classics figures, there is no shortage of other MOTU merchandise to be had and the variety is pretty terrific. I am sure He-Man and friends will show up again in our Gift Guide, but for now, why not grab a copy of the series that defined a property, and pretty much an entire generation: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe by Filmation studios.

The really cool part about this set is that not only does it include every episode from the series, but it features an exclusive music CD, a golden Classics Power Sword and amazing box art that was contributed by Fwoosher Baena! Yep! It is not every day that you can pick up an item that was impacted directly by a Fwoosher, but when it happens, it is pretty awesome! Amazon has the collection up now!

Masters of the Universe – 30th Anniversary Limited Edition (2012)


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