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Fwoosh Happy Hour- Funko Legacy and Kung Fury!

Apologies for missing last night. I was suffering from what is known as “Figure Funk.” You know what I’m talking about. You get some new action figures, you’re happy as a clam, then suddenly the “normal” world creeps in. What am I doing? Buying toys at my age? I have bills, and kids, and a mortgage, and car payments. Cashiers at stores look at me funny when I’m buying a fat stack of toys with no kids in tow. People come over to my house and grimace when they are stumble across the Robocave, wondering how I can spend that amount of cash on children’s playthings. The Funk usually doesn’t last long though. Good night’s sleep and I realize…it’s not my problem. I take care of all the things that need taken care of and then buy my toys. It’s the other people who have a problem. Just as I can’t personally see myself dropping money on some of the other “normal” things people deem their hobby, they are looking at my hobby the same way. The difference is I have no problem with them enjoying whatever they like. So yeah, not my problem. I love action figures and I don’t care who knows! And you do too, or you wouldn’t be here! Belly up, it’s Happy Hour!

[email protected] is at it again over on the Funko boards, announcing that Funko Legacy will be available in February!

Legacy will debut at Toy Fair meaning in stores!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m taking this as Legacy Game of Thrones will hit about that same time as Toy Fair is going down in New York. So we see the debut of the toys and then we will be able to buy them.

He also went on to say Funko will be doing two major video game licenses both go which have never had figures made. One in 2014 and one in 15′. This was posted in a thread titled “Legacy and ReAction Video Game Figures” so I’m not which line the properties will fall within. Maybe both like was announced with Firefly?

We’ve got our eyes on you Funko. We expect great things. Don’t let us down!

If you travel in any social circles you’ve probably heard of Kung Fury. But if you haven’t, feast your eyes.

Now put your eyes back in your head and let what you just watched simmer a bit.

Awesome, right? Kung fu, the 80s, nazis, Asgard, guns, and dinosaurs. The Power Glove?? Not only is it awesome, it’s radical!


If you want to see more then head over to Laser Unicorn’s Kickstarter page and back the project. It looks like they already passed their primary goal of $200k in just a few days, but if it reaches $1,000,000 it’s making a run at a feature film! With 26 days to go it’s entirely possible. Also, check out the $3k pledge reward. A Kung Fury action figure!

And then there’s this…

1520670_10202549711245191_157204349_nI don’t watch much sports but when I saw the Silva leg break all over my Facebook feed this morning my first thoughts wandered to Sid Vicious. And then later this popped up on my feed. Too good not to pass up.

Happy Hour’s over!