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Alvis Underground – Teckno Jackal Conversion Set (Deluxe)

Teckno-Jackal_02The fan reaction to Nepthu was fairly mixed, and a lot of people found creative ways to modify or enhance Nepthu to their liking.  One of the coolest and most elaborate modifications is Jonathan Alvis’ Teckno Jackal Conversion set.  With this kit you can transform your Nepthu, or almost any Masters of the Universe Classics figure into an Anubis-themed warrior.

Teckno-Jackal_01 Teckno-Jackal_03

The kit comes with a sword, spear, shield, neck piece, and head.

Teckno-Jackal PartsThe sword and spear head are cast in a cold-cast bronze material that has a great metallic look and feel to it.  The sword is my favorite accessory.  I love the elaborate blade design and all the sculpted detail on the handle.  It’s just wicked looking.

Teckno-Jackal_04The spear is a little bit more plain, but he looks fantastic wielding it in a two-handed combat stance or in a classic royal-guard pose.  The shield has a cool scarab theme and some super glossy paint that really pops.  The handle is pretty big and works well in Nepthus’ weird grippy hand.  For a normal figure’s hand, it can slip right in there.

Teckno-Jackal_05 Teckno-Jackal_06 Teckno-Jackal_07The head is two parts that come assembled and is articulated at a ball-and-socket joint that has great range of motion.  The neck piece looks like thick armor-plating and extends the figure’s height quite a bit and brings to mind not only the headresses worn by Anubis in Egyptian artwork, but also an armored cowl.

Teckno-Jackal_08 Teckno-Jackal_09 Teckno-Jackal_10The head has a really cool design with big bold shapes that make me think simultaneously of a robotic creature and of an Egyptian statuary.  The eyes have this great glowing paint job and some subtle details that give him a robotic feel.


I personally like to think of this look as a magical/robotic fusion power-up for Nepthu, sort of like He-Man’s battle armor or Thunder-Punch gear.  It also works as a brand-new character, or he might look good cool as a guard character for Nepthu.

Teckno-Jackal_12 Teckno-Jackal_13 Teckno-Jackal_14 Teckno-Jackal_15The Teckno Jackal Conversion set is available in a deluxe painted version like the one in this review and also a cheaper unpainted version cast in the appropriate colors with the weapons cast in plastic rather than cold cast bronze.

Teckno-Jackal_16 Teckno-Jackal_17 Teckno-Jackal_18 Teckno-Jackal_19 Teckno-Jackal_20 Teckno-Jackal_21 Teckno-Jackal_22 Teckno-Jackal_23 Teckno-Jackal_24 Teckno-Jackal_25 Teckno-Jackal_26Jackal Guards