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Action Figure Feature – Warlords of the Universe Hover Discs

Hover Disc_01The world of third party accessories for Masters of the Universe Classics figures is exploding right now and I could not be happier.  One of the vanguards of this movement is Joe Amaro and his Warlords of the Universe accessories, the latest of which are the hover discs.

Hover Disc_02The hover discs are modeled on, if not exact copies of, the hover vehicles flown by He-Man and Skeletor’s henchmen in an action sequence in the live-action Masters of the Universe movie.

Hover Disc_03The design is close enough to that vehicle for my play use, but generically sci-fi enough that it can be used with any number of sci-fi action figures.

Hover Disc_04The hover disc is a one piece affair with beautifully precise geometric detailed sculpting.

Hover Disc_05There are two varieties, black and white and both have nice and subtle two-tone paint jobs with a tiny bit of detail paint work on the techno-controls.

Hover Disc_06The foot pegs work perfectly with most MOTUC figures (Trappy needs a little blu-tak help) and some Star Wars black figures, though they are light enough that you could blu-tak them in place if neccessary.

Hover Disc_07 They also make a cool little figure stand when you aren’t playing with them.

Hover Disc_08I think these work fantastically with MOTUC.

Hover Disc_09Aside from the movie troopers, they also call to mind the hover discs teela and adam use in the 2002 series.

Hover Disc_10They are compact enough that I could see them used as bail out vehicles on the wind raider or troop deployment for small Horde trooper squadrons.

Hover Disc_11 I really like the way the stormtroopers look on this as well.

Hover Disc_12Joe sold out of these discs, but hopefully more will be made available eventually.

Hover Disc_14Joe has mentioned the possibility of repaints on his facebook page and there is a survey for future colors you would like to see up on WarlordsoftheUniverse.com. 

Hover Disc_13He has also shown designs for a more advanced hover cycle and shown WIP shots of very Skeletor trooper like head sculpt, so keep watching Amaro Studios and Fwoosh for more cool toy news!

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