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Skyrocket – Quick Attach Microscope

Do you feel it? Black Friday is exactly one week away, and the insanity of the holiday shopping season is about to commence. It is not for the faint of heart, but if you are like me, you have moved more to the online theater for your gift buying, and now all of the greatest finds are no further than your couch and iPad. There are a lot items vying for your spending dollars and finding the perfect gift can always be a challenge. So in the spirit of being helpful, let me present to you the Quick Attach Microscope from Skyrocket. This little smartphone accessory is appropriate for kids and adults of all ages and can make for a great gift idea that is out-of-the-box ready to roll. Come check it out.

It take a diverse lineup of toys and accessories to fill all of your gift giving needs, so while I will never turn down an action figure under the tree, the Quick Attach Microscope is a simple idea that is really fun and can help pique the curiosity of even the most precocious youngster. In this day of gaming consoles, tablets, and smartphones, it is kind of hard to make the case for something like a microscope to a generation of kids that is constantly plugged in, but that is the beauty of this little gadget — it combines those smartphones with a little bit of science. Yay, science!

The Quick Attach Microscope is simple; it is a microscope lens that can be mounted to the camera of just about any smart phone, and when combined with a camera’s digital zoom, it can provide a 30x magnification. This can take examining and photographing everyday objects to (literally) a whole new level that can be fun for everyone. Plus, it does not require any apps or software; you simply slide it over your lens, turn on the camera, and start to explore. The microscope lens has two tabs that you pull back to slide over the outer case of your phone, and then you can easily align the lens with the one on your camera. There is even a light source within the lens tube so you will always be able to see things at an amplified and illuminated state.

At first I was a little skeptical about how well the lens would work with my iPhone camera, but I have to say I am pretty impressed. I am able to take my camera to a full zoom and place it right on an object so when the camera focuses, the magnified object comes into perfect clarity. So it can be used on anything that you might want to photograph — just attach and zoom and you are good to go. Plus, the microscope is so small, it can be carried around with no effort. It seems durable enough that I would not be afraid to carry it around in my pocket for on-the-fly use. And since it works with the camera, you can just examine most anything, and you can also take a picture to document it. So, in essence, it is also a good macro photography cheat lens.

The proof is in the pictures, though, so here are three examples of everyday household objects. The pictures on the left were taken just with the regular camera, those on the right are zoomed with the Quick Attach Microscope in place.




Pretty cool, yeah? I am betting you know at least one person that would really get a kick out being able to 30x magnify with their smartphone camera, and at $14.99 MSRP, you really cannot go wrong! In the rush to find all of those perfect gifts this coming week, this one merges some classic scientific curiosity with modern day tech device dependence. That sounds just about right and it is a really fun accessory! Oh, and batteries ARE included! You can find this at Toys R Us, Spencer’s Gifts and Best Buy.

*This sample was provided by Skyrocket

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