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Masterpiece Ultra Magnus Up for Preorder


BBTS has opened up preorders for the latest Masterpiece Transformer, based on the MP 10 Optimus with new parts to make the Duly Appointed Enforcer of the Tyrest accord. He sounds like Robert Stack and he will give Decepticons a smack. No Masterpiece fan will want to miss out so preorder today.

Breaking News from BigBadToyStore – You Heard it Here First!

The next release in Takara’s Masterpiece Series will be the MP-22 Masterpiece Ultra Magnus with Trailer – ‘Perfect Edition’!

Ultra Magnus will be based off the updated MP-10 Convoy mold and will at last come with an all new fully functional trailer that will combine with the Ultra Magnus cab for the ultimate display piece! Please note that the pricing is not yet finalized and may be reduced later.

Preorder from BBTS