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Hasbro – Avengers Assemble Hulk



I saw these in Toys R Us the other day and decided to pick up Hulk. I knew that I would be doing a Marvel Legends archive, and I did a number of Marvel Legends and a Marvel Universe Hulk. This guy sitting on a peg was just begging for attention.

This Hulk is supposed to represent Hulk as we see him in the latest Avengers Assemble cartoon, and it’s an OK figure. It is far from great and when compared to the last Marvel Universe Hulk figure (reviewed here), but there is a bulk to it that is good. The large chest and arms are Hulkish and the overall form is big and bulky. But the head is small and plain; it looks like a GI Joe head sculpt rather than a head sculpt we get from Marvel Universe.

The articulation really kills me on this figure. It has some great elements, but then it drops to ball-knees and ball-elbows and it falls apart. The great articulation points on this figure are the ankles, which combine rockers and hinges for some excellent posing possibilities. And the ab-joint is simply amazing and has a great range of motion. And then it stops there. The head is a ball-and-socket and has the same limitations that most ball-and-socket head joints have; they can’t move all the way forward or all the way back. And the lack of bicep swivels kills me. I know that the ball-and-socket elbows are supposed to solve this, but they never really do. And finally, the lack of any kind of swivel, hinged, or ball-and-socket wrist is just a killer. It’s not that you can’t get good poses, but the articulation and “light” sculpt don’t mesh well together. Here is the breakdown:

rocker ankles
hinged ankles
ball knees
swivel thighs (yay! spinning meat!)
ball hips
ball chest
ball shoulders
ball elbows
ball head

The paint is non-existent outside of some bad face work and the pants. There is one interesting aspect to this figure: the left ball hip pegs into the right hip; it is an interesting fix to the lack of space in the crotch and avoiding a 90- or 45-degree pin. I kind like it even though it is a bit mechanical.

All in all, this is a good figure. You can pick it up at the following stores:



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