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Doctor Who – Titans Blind-Boxed Vinyl Figures: Wave 2 (Part Two)

Since the 5-inch Doctor Who figures from Character Options are pretty much going away, these blind-boxed 3-inch figures from Titans Entertainment are going to be my main Doctor Who toy obsession for the foreseeable future. And I have to admit, as much as I love the 5-inch figures, I really think I like these just a little bit more.

Seeing as how they’re blind-boxed, it seems that getting these guys by the case is definitely the way to go. Buying a case almost guarantees a complete set of all the standard figures, so getting them all in one fell swoop made me a believer, and I can’t wait for the next wave to come out.

This second batch of the 10th Doctor’s wave contains some of the strongest figures in the line yet, including a few of my own personal favorites. If you missed part one of this feature, make sure you check it out here. So what does the rest of this wave entail? Let’s take a look!

10th Doctor (brown suit) and his TARDIS (standard)

This version of the 10th Doctor with the brown suit and blue pinstripes is packed in a 3/40 ratio, and my particular case ended up with two of them. My suspicion is every case contains two blue-suit Doctors and either two brown-suit Doctors or one brown-suit and one chase variant Doctor (all brown with a timepiece rather than a sonic screwdriver). I go back and forth on which of the two I prefer more, but I really like the blue pinstripes against the blue suit. The blue really pops and it looks a bit… cleaner? Both are worth displaying, so I’m never going to be able to decide on which to use for my main display.

The TARDIS pictured here is the standard version, and it’s not a whole lot different than the one we saw with the 11th Doctor set. The mold is the same, but the blue is slightly different, as is the general deco and paint apps, but it doesn’t “feel” a whole lot different than what came before. I’m happy to have a standard TARDIS to display with my 10th Doctor, but the variant is so darn cool that it definitely diminishes my appreciation of and excitement for the standard version. Basically, this one is the same ol’ same ol’, but still essential.

DW Titans18


Davros is one of the Doctor’s most enduring baddies, and here he manages to look sickly menacing and adorable all at the same time. The sculpt is awesome and the paint apps are super clean, but he’s even less of an “action figure” than many of the figures in the series. His head swivels and he does have a right arm that is extended upward, but it barely moves at all. But Davros has never been the most dynamic character in terms of movement and acrobatics, so as long as he sits there and looks all creepy, then he’s doing what he should.

DW Titans19

Bronze Dalek

Of all the Daleks released in this line so far, this guy is easily my favorite. He has a classic Dalek design (well, more classic than what we saw in wave 1), and the brown and gold paint apps accented by the blue “eye” just works for me in the biggest way. I’d army-build this guy if I could. His gun and suction cup have a decent range of motion for what they are, as does his eye, so it’s easy to get him in classic, menacing Dalek poses (not that that takes a lot of effort, but still).

There’s a 1/40 variant that features a claw arm rather than a suction cup, but there wasn’t one of those in this particular case, unfortunately.

DW Titans20

Dalek Sec

Dalek Sec played a major role during the 10th Doctor’s run on the show, so it’s awesome to see him here. The matte black with areas of gloss black is an unbeatable combination in my book, so this guy just looks sleek as can be. I’m sad there isn’t a version of Sec in his hybrid form in this wave, but this is the way I remember him best, so I’ll take it. It’s exactly the same mold as the Bronze Dalek, so there are no real surprises here.

DW Titans21

The three of these guys together look awesome ganging up on the Doctor, and man… this makes me want to army-build the ever-loving heck out of the Bronze Dalek. Maybe it’s time to browse eBay…

DW Titans22

Clockwork Robot

My favorite episode of the modern series is by far “The Girl in the Fireplace,” which featured the Clockwork Robots as the Doctor’s primary adversaries. Now, the box indicates there’s just one variant for this guy, but there are actually two variants, making three versions of this guy to be tracked down in total. I was lucky and scored two of them in my case, purple and black, but there is a third blue variant available as well. Since they come from my favorite episode, it goes without saying that tracking down a blue variant has shot to the top of my list of toy priorities.

They are the dandies of the Doctor Who universe and I can’t get enough of them. It would have been fun to get an unmasked variant that displays the actual clockwork mechanism beneath the mask, but I suppose that would be near impossible to do in this format. Regardless, they look awesome and I’m super happy to add these guys to the collection.

DW Titans24 DW Titans2a4 DW Titans2a3

They each come with a little clockwork-weapon accessory that attaches to their arms. They’re portrayed as rather cold and emotionless, but also very fancy, so they needed something extra to differentiate them from the Doctor’s other cold, emotionless baddies: the Cybermen.

DW Titans25

Cyber Leader

In the first wave we got two Cybermen (well, one and a variant), so it’s fitting that in this wave we add to the Cyber forces with the Cyber Leader.

DW Titans23

The most notable difference between this guy and a standard Cyberman is, of course, the exposed brain at the top of his head. It succeeds in looking rather creepy, and the dark colors of the helmet contrast nicely with the cold sliver-steel look of the general design. The blue highlights in his “mouth” further add design flair to a figure that could have easily been a pretty boring addition to the line. Fortunately they succeeded in making him look really cool and unique.

DW Titans2a2

These were a joy to open and to collect, and I know darn well I’m going to be on eBay very soon trying to track down the variants I’m missing.  The 11th Doctor’s wave was solid, but I really think this wave blows that one out of the water. The 10th Doctor seems to be one of the more fondly remembered Doctors ever, so this set is sure to be even more popular than the previous one, so if you’re interested, I’d recommend pouncing on these quickly before they’re gone forever.