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Transforming Expectations Toy Reference Book Kickstarter is LIVE

Fwoosh Friend Phil Reed of Battlegrip has a second Transformers Third Party reference book Kickstarter that is now live. If you remember, his first book has been met with with a very positive reception and has been a great resource for T-Fans and collectors alike. Check it out and back this baby, it looks to be just as good (if not better) than the first installment!

Here are some of the details and check out the links to get the full story. Good luck, Phil! We have backed and you have our support!

Leading you deeper into the world of third party Transformers toys and accessories. The sequel to Transforming Collections!

Last year I ran a Kickstarter project for Transforming Collections — project page here — a printed introduction to third party Transformers toys and accessories. The final book came in at 80-pages and turned out great . . . but there are always more toys and now it’s time for a sequel.

NOTE: If you’re unfamiliar with the third party scene I recommend checking the first project for an overview . . . and then come back here and grab both books before they’re gone!


Just like Transforming Collections, Transforming Expectations will be an 80-page 8″ x 8″ full-color hardcover book. My plan is to print the book at the exact same printer I used for the first book so that the two of these fit together perfectly as a set on your shelf. Same cover and paper stocks, exact same processes — Photoshop and InDesign, with final files delivered to the printer as PDF — and a better level of final control over the finished pages since my photography and editing process improved as I assembled the first book.


In addition to photos of third party Transformers toys and accessories, Transforming Expectations will include sections on retooling, product packaging, and even the comics and collectible cards of the third party toys. The idea is to offer some examples of what the third party manufacturers have been producing and not to provide you with a complete catalog of every box or comic out there.

Some of the toys already photographed for the book include pieces from FansProject, iGear Toys, Impossible Toys, and Mech iDeas.

Read more at the Kickstarter page.

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