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Online Hub For Cult 80s Toy Line Sectaurs Launched

Hmm… Sectaurs now has a revamped online hub. I can only speculate what that could mean. Be still my beating heart!

via sectaurs.com:


We are proud to announce the launch of Sectaurs.com, the Home of the Warriors of Symbion. The site features information on the 1985 toy line, comic books, animated television series and the characters themselves. On the site you’ll find episode guides, full readable comics, rare concept artwork, a discussion forum and much more.

The site has launched with a bevy of intriguing materials to peruse, and many more items will be added in the coming days, weeks and months. Just in time to gear up for the landmark 30th Anniversary of the Sectaurs line in 2015, Sectaurs.com is ready to celebrate the insectoid Warriors of Symbion!


About Sectaurs.com:

Designed to be the hub for all things Sectaurs on the internet, the website is a project of the Symbion Preservation Society, which seeks to document and archive everything they can about the Sectaurs toy line and associated media and merchandise and deliver it to fans all over the world. About Sectaurs: The Warriors of Symbion The Sectaurs were released in 1985 by Coleco, through a license with Seven Town, Ltd.  Although the line only lasted one short year, it has gone onto gain a cult following with toy collectors, fans of the 80s and people who are drawn to their vibrant insectoid designs and intriguing backstory.

For more information, please visit www.Sectaurs.com